Friday, 25 April 2014

April Degustabox Review

We get Degustabox which is a monthly subscription box that has lots of lovely food bits in each month and I thought it might be nice to document what we get each time on here. I'm always looking for blog posts like this so if you're wanting to subscribe to something like this, hopefully this post will give you a good idea of what's included!
1. Dr Oetker Fine Cooks Chocolate - I received a milk chocolate bar and a dark chocolate bar from Dr Oetker which I was so happy about. I love baking and do it loads so these are great for me! Retail price - £1.69 each.

2. Crabbies Strawberry and Lime - George loves Crabbies so this is perfect for him! I love the stawberry and lime cider so I might have a little bit of this too as I imagine it will be quite similar. Retail price - £2.19

3. Cawston Press Rhubarb - I'm not usually a massive fan of rhubarb flavoured things but I think this will be so refreshing! Cawston Press drinks are always so nice.

4. Splash Juice - These cordial juices are fab for when you're on the go. They can just be popped in your handbag and a little bit can be added to water whenever you like. These are such a good idea for uni and work.
5. Clearspring Miso Soup on the Go - I haven't seen these before but i'm excited to try them! There's two flavours, Red Miso with Sea Veg and White Miso with Tofu. They look easy to make too, all I need to do is empty it into a mug then add hot water. Retail price - £1.29 each.

6. Keoghs Crisps - I am an absolute crisp fiend so I'm very happy to have these! We got the flavour Sea Salt and Irish Cider Vinegar.

7. Lindt. We got three bars of lindt chocolate! Georges favorite so he is very very pleased with this box. They definitely won't last long though in our flat. Retail price - 80p each.

8. Mornflake. I received two superfast pots which look so good, I can't wait to try them! I got a Raisin, Honey and Almond Granola pot and also a Fruit and Nut Muesli Pot. All I need to is add water and it turns into milk somehow! I am really excited about these pots and if I like them as much as I think I will definitely be buying them. Retail price - £1.20 each.

9. McVities Jaffa Cake Mini Rolls. These taste as good as they look. 1 pack of tropical flavour and 1 pack of strawberry flavour. We're also going to do the idea of putting some in the freezer! Retail price - £1.30 each.
Total price - £20 and given that the box is priced at £12.99 I think that's brilliant! You get so much for your money. I highly recommend subscribing for a surprise each month, I love not knowing what's in each box.

Do you subscribe to Degustabox?

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