Saturday, 12 April 2014

Food Shop #1

I thought I would start blogging our weekly food shop, I've seen a few other people do these and some on video and really loved them! We normally get our weekly food shop from either Asda or Morrisons, the only problem with is Asda is that we have to get it delivered as the bus fare there is just ridiculous and we're students and poor! We normally spend around £25-£35 depending on what we already have in and what we need. Though if I go with George for the food it can be way more than that because I just find so many things I want to try or new deals and it eventually just adds up without me realising. This week we had the food delivered from Asda and it came to £36.60 which includes £2.50 delivery charge. There was also no substitutions which makes a change!
Warburtons Loaf £1
ASDA Part Baked Petit Pain x2 £1
ASDA Smoked Bacon and Cheese Quiche £1 
ASDA Ham Oak Smoked £1.85 
ASDA Smartprice Orange Juice £0.65
ASDA Smartprice Apple Juice £0.65
ASDA Cola £0.42 
Muller Vitality Strawberry Yoghurt Drink £1 
Butchers Selection Pork Loin Steaks £3 
Butchers Selection Breast Mini Fillets x2 £2.20 each 
ASDA Fusilli Twists £0.50 
ASDA Spaghetti £0.50 
ASDA Baby Potatoes £1
Bisto Reduced Salt Gravy Granules £1 
Pot Noodle Brazilian BBQ Steak Flavour 2 for £1.50 
Heinz Spaghetti Plus Pepperoni £0.50
ASDA Smartprice Chopped Tomatoes £0.31 
ASDA Spaghetti Loops £0.34 
ASDA Baked Beans £0.50 x2 .
ASDA Reduced Salt and Sugar Baked Beans £0.58
ASDA Smartprice 12 Variety Pack Crisps £0.66 
ASDA Smartprice Jaffa Cakes £0.85 
ASDA Smartprice Custard Creams £0.35
ASDA Granny Smith Apples £1.65 
ASDA Seedless Red Grapes £1.50 
McVities Tasties Choc Chip Cookies £0.50  
Young's 4 Lightly Coated and seasoned Alaska Pollock Fillets £2
BirdsEye Reggae Reggae Chicken Chargrills £1 
BirdsEye Chicken Dippers £1
ASDA Simply Mash £1
ASDA 12 Potato Waffles £1

So that's everything we got. A lot of it isn't healthy but as I said, we're students and on a budget and to be honest I don't want to cook loads!

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