Sunday, 11 May 2014

30 Day Challenge - Day 2...

Day 2. 
30 Day Challenge

Where you would like to be in ten years.

In ten years I will be 29 and I would love to have had about 5 babies! Well hopefully at least two or three by then. I really want a house full of children and I think we'll have had a few by the time i'm 30. I am in awe of other bloggers I see who have children and are at that stage in their life where they are settling down and I just can't wait for that to be me. Without being too soppy I know that been a mum is the best thing I will ever do and it's all I think about now, I want to have a baby so badly and it will just be amazing when it happens, hopefully it isn't not too far away. If we had the money now I know we'd have a house, be married and have a baby, we're just not in that position to be able to do that yet, but it will be worth the wait I know. I would really like to be a young mum, sometime in my early twenties because I know I want more than two or three. Even though i'm 19 I feel so much older, I think that is because we have our own place now and I am just generally quite mature. I could talk about babies for ages! I would also hope to have our family home and be in a stable place financially so that we can afford to live comfortably and not have to worry. I hope I am still doing my blog and it is popular! I would love to carry this on and let people go along the journey with me. I hope I am doing a job I love, whatever that might be, my thoughts on what I want to do keep changing but if we were in the position where I didn't have to work and George was in a well paid job that would be ideal, I would love to bring up our children and do the cooking and cleaning! If I could earn money from my blog that would be even better but I know that's extremely unlikely!

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