Saturday, 31 May 2014

30 Day Challenge - Day 22...

Day 22 - How have you changed in the past two years?

I don't think that as a person I have changed too much. My personality is the same but especially after moving into our own place I have definitely grown up. I have always been mature and in my head I am already a 30 year old. I have been for years! The way I think and the things I do are the same as people a lot older than me. Since I was a kid I have always dreamed of having my own place, being in a happy relationship, getting married and having children and now as I get older those things are getting closer but my head is already there! 

I would say I am still as independent as before. I used to live with my mum and dad who obviously did a lot for me, I never had to cook my own tea, do my washing, tidy my room. It was all literally done before I had chance and I do wish I had have been able to have learnt a few things. I have taught myself all of these things and George has taught me too. So in the last two years I have definitely learnt new skills and things that everyone should know! 

Have you changed much?

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