Sunday, 25 May 2014

British Soap Awards 2014...

As I've said before I love seeing what people wore to awards like this. Recently we had the British Soap Awards and the next day I was online looking at all the outfits! I was a bit disappointed with some of the looks from this years awards. I'm not sure why but some of the outfits and dresses people wore were not what I imagined they would be. To be fair some people did look gorgeous and got it right as always including Michelle Keegan who can't go wrong no matter what she wears! Here are some of the looks of the night!
British Soap Awards
Eastenders Maddy Hill, Kellie Bright, Danny Dyer, Sam Strike and Danny Boy Hatchard - I think all of these stars have looked so much better at previous events! I think the only one who looks really good here is Danny Dyer. I really like his suit and it's Danny Dyer so he would look good in anything! Maddy Hill and Kellie Bright looked lovely at the BAFTA's this month.
British Soap Awards
Sam Bailey - I'm not sure why Sam Bailey was there and she does annoy me a little bit but this dress is really nice and fits well over her baby bump!
British Soap Awards
Coronation Street Debbie Rush - I think this is a great choice though and her hair and shoes go really well with the dress. It's just gorgeous. It is a nice length, not too short or long and the capped sleeves are different to other styles people wore too!
British Soap Awards
Hollyoaks Sophie Austin and Charlie Clapham - This might be my favourite look of the night! I think sophie's dress is just gorgeous and fits her so well. Her clutch is a nice addition to it aswell. Charlie looks great too and is shirt adds a different touch to the suit. 
British Soap Awards
Eastenders Jacqueline Jossa -  I have liked her previous looks but I just don't like the colours of this. I think the style on the top half of the dress if pretty and would look much better if the bottom half was a different colour.
Hollyoaks Jennifer Metcalfe - To me this looks like something you would wear out in summer, maybe to the beach or something if you were away? It doesn't scream red carpet to me and even though her shoes are gorgeous I just don't think they go with the outfit.

What do you think of these outfits? Some people got it so right and I adore some of the dresses, especially Corries Anna, her dress is my fave!

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