Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Food Shop #4...

This week our food shop was from Asda and we had it delivered again. The total was £36.75 with delivery charge. Our delivery was only £1 this week as we choose for it to arrive between 4-6pm and it is a weekday so it is cheaper. It actually arrived early aswell which is even better!
ASDA Large White Rolls £0.67
Mission Mini Wraps £0.50 x2 
Young's Fish Cakes £1
Onion £0.17 
Smartprice Mixed Weight Eggs £0.89
Birds Eye Hash Brown Mini Waffles £1 
ASDA Chocolate Crepes £1
ASDA Smartprice Mixed Snacks £0.59
Shloer £1.10
Cadbury Wispa Bites £1 
ASDA Smartprice Chocolate £0.30 x3 
Heinz Spaghetti Hoops £0.25 x 2 and Heinz Thomas Shapes £0.25 x 2 
ASDA Tropical Crush Zero Sugar £0.65 
Capri Sun Tropical £2
Cadbury Caramel Pots of Joy and White Buttons £2 or 2 for £3 
Aero Yoghurts £1 
ASDA Light Soft Cheese 75% less fat £0.88
ASDA Tuna and Sweetcorn 30% Less Fat Sandwich Filler £1.00 
Wafer Thin Chicken £1 
Weight Watchers Tikka Masala Ready Meal £1.50 x2 
Butchers Selection Mini Fillets £2.20 x2 
Extra Lean Mince £2.00 
Richmond Sausages 16 for £2 
Strawberries for £1.50

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