Monday, 26 May 2014

Grocery Shop #5

We are back! We got back to Leicester this afternoon and within an hour the food shopping was here so we now have a very full fridge and freezer. This week we got our shop from Sainsburys. We don't have one close by so we literally never go there but I received a £15 off voucher in a magazine. We needed to spend £60 for the voucher to work and we wouldn't normally spend that much but we have bought two weeks worth of stuff so it will end up saving us money. All together it was £49.30 as we still had to pay £3.99 for delivery.
Food Shop
Birds Eye Southern Fried Chicken £1
Hash Browns £1 
Roast Potatoes £1 
Potato Waffles £1
Birds Eye Fish Cakes £1
Peas £1.35 
Food Shop
Crunchy Nut £1.34 
Krave £1.39 
Apple Juice £0.75 
Orange Juice £0.75
Pasta £0.35 
Kidney Beans £0.30 
Chopped Tomatoes £0.70
Weight Watchers Caramel Wafers £1 
Food Shop
Gammon Steaks £2.50 
Steak with Garlic Butter 
2 x Chicken Breast 
Sweet Chilli Chicken Skewers 
Food Shop
10% Fat Beef Mince 
Taste The Difference Pork Sausages
2 x Breaded Ham Slices £1 each 
Eggs £0.90 
Fridge Raiders £0.64 
Be Good Tuna and Sweetcorn Sandwich Filler £1.65
Sweet Potatoes £1 
Food Shop
Cola £0.57 
Squares Bars £1 
Sweets 3 for £1 
Cookies £0.50 
Food Shop
Grapes £1.25 
Strawberries £1.10 
Kiwi £1.25 
Apples £1.90
Carrots £0.69
Bernard Matthews 2 for £3
Food Shop
Wraps £1 

Breadcakes 2 for £1 

Muffins £0.69 

Croissants £0.85 
Egg Bites £0.85 

Herbs £0.35 

I don't think we'll shop online with Sainsburys often but when there is a voucher available, it's worth doing! I think we got quite a lot for our money. I can't wait to eat the cookies and croissants!

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