Friday, 9 May 2014

Primark and H&M Haul...

I received even more new clothes yesterday so I wanted to do another little haul. Some are from H&M and some from Primark. I think I definitely have enough for summer with everything else in my wardrobe.

I bought this dress from H&M for £20. The only difference between mine and the picture is that mine has flowers spread out in pink. The flowers don't completely cover the dress so it isn't too much. I don't normally wear a lot of colour so the dress I bought is perfect as it still has some but not too much that i'd feel uncomfortable wearing it. I really like the top of the dress and how it drapes down, it fits so well and I feel so good in it. I'll wear it with some sandals and maybe a jacket if I needed one but it isn't essential. I bought this top but in a different colour, I didn't see this version when I was looking originally. I bought in yellow and it has green and blue patterns on like the picture. I bought it in the yellow as it isn't as bright as you would think and as I said I don't wear much colour so this summer I really want to try and wear different items and styles. It was £7.99.
This is a simple strapless top and was only £3.99. I wore some of these last year when the weather was warm but really needed some more. I only bought black this time and it was so hard to look through them all and find the right size when the hangers were all messed up! I tried it on in white too but it didn't look as good. I might go back at some point or look online to pick some more up as they did have lots of different types and for the price they are great. I bought this bag from Primark as I really wanted a big handbag to use when we go shopping or go out for the day. I have bags which go over me but I don't like wearing them and I can never normally fit everything in them. This will be ideal if we go on the train somewhere or go away anywhere because i'll be able to fit my phone, purse, makeup, magazines and lots more in there if I need too. It was supposed to be £12 but when we got to the checkout we found out it was only £9!
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