Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sandals For Special Occasions...

I don't often wear heels of any sort as I just can't walk in them, i'm falling over before I've even left the house usually! I do envy people that can wear them though and wear them well. I have been browsing online at Next and New Look and have spotted loads of different heeled sandals that would look great for a night out with your friends or go well with some pretty dresses if you are on holiday! They are real statement shoes and you need to be brave to wear them!

These animal effect shoes are really different to what I would normally wear but I actually really like them! They really stand out and would really dress up an outfit. These Peep Toe Sandals are designed with a cork platform heel which again is a different style to usual strappy heels. They are 13cm and available in Black, Rust or Animal Effect. I think I prefer the Animal Effect as if you wore them with a plain black dress, it would make the outfit look completely different compared to if you just had a normal pair of black heels on. They are between £36-£38. Next are these Peep Toe Shoe Boots which would look nice with some skinny jeans and a top and jacket or would go well with an LBD. I really like the lace tie at the back as it is a bit different to the previous shoes and also the mesh gives it a different look. They are available in Black, Navy or Camel but I think the black is the best colour and style. They are priced at £35.
New Look:
These are Stone Double Ankle Strap Heels available in two colours for £19.99. This is a really good price for heels I think and they are really nice to say how much of a bargain they are. I would wear these with jeans and a blouse for a night out for a simple, effortless look. They are open toe, have buckle detail and a 4 inch stiletto heel. Next I love these Tan Strappy Peep Toe Heels. They would really go well with anything - either jeans and a top or a dress, either short or maxi. They are real summer sandals that you see a lot of people out in when the weather is warm. I would wear these with jeans myself or with a maxi dress as I am quite short and need as much height as I can from my shoes! They are £24.99 at the moment and if I thought I could walk in them I would definitely be buying them!
New Look
Do you like any of these? Would you wear any of them?

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