Friday, 2 May 2014

Schwartz Flavour Shots - Italian Creamy Herb Tagliatelle...

Tonight for tea we made Creamy Herb Tagliatelle using one the Schwartz Flavour Shots we received a few months ago in our Degustabox. We didn't really follow the recipe as we didn't have most of the ingredients so we improvised and made it with what we had at the time. I'll post the full recipe and ingredients though if anyone would like to make the actual one on the box.
Tagliatelle recipe
1 Schwartz Italian Creamy Herbs Tagliatelle Flavour Shot
125g Mushrooms, sliced
200g of Chopped Cherry Tomatoes
200g bacon, cooked and sliced
300ml of half fat creme fraiche
275g of tagliatelle, cooked and drained
50g rocket

1. Stir the contents of the flavour shot then pour into a large frying pan over a medium heat
2. Fry the mushrooms for 5 minutes or until softened
3. Add the tomatoes and fry for another minute. We didn't use mushrooms and tomatoes but added a small amount of tomato puree instead
4. Stir in the cooked bacon, creme fraiche, tagliatelle and rocket. We used cooked chicken breast that we baked in the oven instead of bacon, along with creme fraiche and tagliatelle
5. Heat through and serve immediately with some grated parmesan cheese

We both really enjoyed it and will definitely be making it again! It was so simple to make and something different to what we usually have. I know the pictyre isn't the best, it never is at the moment but it tasted gorgeous.

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