Friday, 9 May 2014

A Little Homeware Haul...

Moving into your first place is one of the most exciting yet scary experiences you will go through in your life. That's exactly how I felt when we moved into our flat last september. This flat was our first home together as a couple, after been together almost three years, and now it feels like we've never lived apart. Whether you buy a place yourself, move for uni or take the next step with your partner and get a place together, you will have so many things you need to sort and arrange, and plan and organise that eventually the fun goes out of it. The thing that kept me excited for moving while George was sorting all the sensible things like money, was been able to buy nice things for the flat to decorate and accessorize. I bought nice pictures, frames, vases, mug holders, candle holders, bread bins, everything! Along with what other people bought us too for the flat, we had loads. That hasn't stopped me since buying even more though. I recently bought some new items to hang up on the walls as they looked a bit bare and we aren't allowed to paint here so it needed something to brighten it up!
I bought this frame from Ebay for about £6 as I wanted one like this where we can put a variety of pictures in different shapes and sizes. They were a few others I spotted in shops but I prefered this one. We've also got a red photo frame with three spaces to put photos up so that is also on the wall. 
I ordered this from Dunelms a few months ago for £6.99 to go in the kitchen. We have put them up in a diagonal line which looks really good. It brightens the kitchen area up a little bit which is what it needed and as I love cooking and baking so much, it definitely suits me and my style. I normally just choose things and George goes along with it!
This is just a little something extra I bought when looking online. This was also from Dunelms and was only £1.99. 
We have this bedding in Grey and the writing is in white and we really like it, it matches well with the rest of the flat. It was about £12 from Asda.
We have a bedding really similar to this. The only difference is the base colour of the cover is red and it has white and brown flowers on instead of a white base. This was also £12 from Asda. They have a great range in ASDA and whenever we get the chance to go to one I always look at the home products.

Where do you like to shop for homeware?

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Unknown said...

I love the grey bedding from Asda... super cute xxx

x Maria x

Tiffany Timms said...

I know me too, it's really nice :) xx

Unknown said...

Getting your first home decorate definitely can be tricky! I really like the sofa!

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