Tuesday, 10 June 2014

100 Happy Days - Day 40...

Day 40. 

I had a nice afternoon internet shopping today! I've bought a few things for the flat, just bits like cushions and storage baskets. Then I ended up ordering some clothes for me! I probably shouldn't have but I justify it because they were all things I needed but I always feel a bit bad spending money on myself, I always feel like it should be spent on more important things. 

I bought this Skirt from H&M for £6, I think it's so pretty. I also got a green maxi skirt for £3 aswell. The homeware bits I got were a Cushion from Tesco for £5 which I think is so cute and this little set of Storage Baskets which was £2.99. I also ordered another cushion from Amazon too which was pretty cheap. 

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