Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Grocery Shop #6

We got our food shop yesterday but I completely forgot to post about it! I took all the pictures, put everything away and meant to get writing straight away but it has took me until now to actually do that! This week we got our shopping delivered from Sainsburys again. I'm not sure when we'll next shop there as it is quite expensive but we have done these last few weeks because we had some £15 off vouchers if you spent £60. A shop thats costing that much will last us two weeks which is great as in a few weeks we'll be back in Sheffield again. We might need to buy a few things from the shop next week if we run out of anything but it won't be much. The pictures might not be great, I don't know why but some of them were a bit dark so aren't as clear as others. 
Richmond Sausages 
Chicken Breast Fillets X2 
Pork Loin Steaks Thin Cut 
Bacon X12
BBQ Beef Kebabs
Bacon Crisps and Crunchy Fries £1 each
Maggi Sticky Sausage and Onion £0.57 
Double Chocolate Cookies £0.50
White Crusty Rolls and Whole Grain Rolls 2 for £1 
Wholegrain Pitta Breads £0.50 
White Grapes £1.50 
Strawberries £2
Raspberries £2 
Blackberries £2 
Onion £0.18 
Carrots £0.69
Salad Potatoes £0.69 
Birds Eye Southern Fried Chicken £1
Birds Eye Battered Fish X 4 £2 
Sharwoods Tikka Ready Meal and Korma Ready Meal £1.10 
Potato Waffles £1, Mash £1, Wedges £1 
Oreo 10 Packs £1 
Be Good Rice Cakes £0.90
Jam Tarts £1.50 X 2 
Haricot Beans £0.55 
Eggs £0.90 
Dairy Milk X 4, 25p each
Basics Milk and White Chocolate 30p each 
Meat Feast Pizza £2.50
Basics Apple and Orange Juice £0.75 
Basics Naan Bread £0.50
Crispy Salad £1 
Baby Plum Tomatoes £1
Mini Sausage Rolls £1 
Breaded Chicken Slices and Wafer Thin Beef 2 for £3

I feel like we got quite a lot for the amount we spent! I've been really impressed with Sainsburys over the last few weeks.

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