Monday, 9 June 2014

New Bathroom Accessories...

Today I received my delivery from Wilkinsons and I just thought i'd show you what I got! I was looking for some things for the bathroom and as it is so tiny there wasn't too much I could get but I got what I thought we needed and what would give it a bit of colour! 
1. I got a Bath Mat for outside the shower which came with a mat to go around the toilet. I got these in purple as I really wanted something other than black! 

2. I bought these as it was 3 for 2. There is a Tumbler, Soap Dispenser and Soap Dish. I'd been wanting some of these for ages and I saw some lovely sparkly ones but they were about £8 for just one tumblr so there is no way I could have got them all in that design. I'll have to get those another time! 
We have such a tiny bathroom but I think these things have all just added something extra to it, I love how it all looks now!

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Life is Beautiful said...

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