Thursday, 5 June 2014

Tilda Rice Campaign and Recipe...

Tonight for tea we made a Jambalaya which is something I don't think I've ever made! There was a variety of ingredients we used but the main one was Tilda Rice. I made this recipe as part of the 'Mums Helping Mums Campaign'. I was sent a big pack of Tilda Pure Basmati Rice and was asked if I would do a recipe with the rice and promote the campaign. I love cooking and I absolutely love anything with rice so I was more than happy to do this.

The Mums Helping Mums Campaign is part of a partnership Tilda have with the World Food Programme. For every pack of Tilda Pure Basmati sold, they will provide a nutritious meal for an expectant mother in the developing world. It is so important that expectant mothers are getting everything they need while pregnant to feed their baby and for the baby to develop well. If a mother doesn't get a meal a day or any sort of food it can cause low birth weight. This can really affect a babies' physical and cognitive development. If we all get a pack of this Tilda Rice we can really make a difference to mothers and their child's future.

On the Tilda website there's a cookbook with recipes which you could do as part of this campaign or if you want you can make your own! I really loved the recipes but we have decided to do our own. A few weeks ago we were sent a box from Simply Cook and some of the ingredients were for a Jambalaya. We thought we'd combine the two and use the rice from Tilda and the other ingredients from Simply Cook. I will be doing a review of the Simply Cook box soon when I have had chance to make other meals with the ingredients I was sent.
I am going to post the recipe here which we followed if anyone is interested in trying it out! It is also a Gluten Free recipe and you can adapt it and add things to your taste, we didn't use all of the ingredients listed such as celery and pepper. 

Cajun Seasoning (Simply Cook Box)
Jambalaya Paste (Simply Cook Box)
Garlic Paste (Simply Cook Box)
Chorizo or King Prawns 200g
Chorizo Diced 50g
One Small Onion
Tilda Rice 180g
Celery 50g
Green Pepper 100g

1. Dice chicken, chorizo, celery and green pepper. Peel and dice the onion
2. Coat chicken and prawns (optional) in the Cajun seasoning and fry the chicken in oil and the garlic paste
3. If using chorizo, add it to the pan now and fry until crispy
4. Add onion, green pepper and celery and cook until soft
5. Add rice, 400 ml of boiled water and the jambalaya paste, stir and simmer for about 12 minutes
6. Add meat and prawns to the pan and simmer for about 5 minutes
We both really enjoyed this, it was easy to make, the recipe was simple to follow and it tasted delicious. I'd never made Jambalaya before but we'll definitely make it again in the future!

*I was sent the Tilda rice to feature in a post, and as I said I have a post coming soon on the Simply Cook box, I only work with brands relevant to my blog

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