Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Travelling From Leicester To Sheffield...

I love travelling, going on a train, plane, bus, whatever it might be. I just love it. I love being able to relax for a while and just sit and think. When we travel back to Sheffield we get the train and this is one of the things I look forward to the most. I always look forward to going on trains, is that sad? I just really enjoy seeing everything that we go past on the way. I always seem to see new things every time aswell and most of the time it feels like a completely different journey because nothing ever looks the same as it did last time. This is something I really enjoy about travelling when we go somewhere different. I mean, this isn't often at all! But on the odd occasion that we might go away or travel with family in the car, that really is a time to look at everything we go past and see new things. Most people probably don't get as much enjoyment out of this as me but I love going past places I've never seen before or didn't realise were there, shops, restaurants, cafes, parks, all sorts of things. Sitting with the radio on or with headphones in, literally watching the world go by is one of my favourite things. Yesterday while George was sleeping on the way (as usual) I put my headphones in, read a few magazines and just relaxed looking out of the window.

Something I really like when we come back to Sheffield is going to places we don't have in Leicester! Even though we really wanted to move and are so glad we did, there are definitely things we miss. We see it as a little holiday when we travel back because we don't get to come back often due to George being at uni and our money situation at the moment so when we do we really take advantage of all the things we've been missing. Even though places in Leicester aren't actually that far away and are in walking distance, in Sheffield we just seem so much closer to everything even if we actually arent! 

I'm really looking forward to going to the shopping centre here, Meadowhall, because it has been agessss since we last went. We do have a shopping centre in Leicester, called Highcross, but to me that is a lot smaller than Meadowhall. There are also shops like B&M and Home Bargains in Sheffield which are just cheap shops but they both sell food and home decor items for so little compared to other places! I need to go! I really didn't expect to miss some of the things that I do!

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