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Celebrity Gossip #1

As I am such a huge fan of all things celebrity I have decided to start doing a weekly gossip post. One thing that I will never give up is magazines. I get at least one a week, I just love reading about all the celebs and what they've been upto. I can really relax and zone out for a while when i'm reading them and browsing the beauty/fashion pages! The magazines I normally get are OK, Star and New. I'm going to pick one story from each magazine, summarise and state my opinion/view on it. I understand some people might think differently to me or might not agree with some of the things I say but that really is fine, I do have quiet a strong opinion on certain topics but feel free to comment! 

OK! Magazine - Cheryl's X Factor Comeback.
Cheryl Cole is now officially back on the X Factor panel with Simon Cowell, Mel B and Louis Walsh. When Simon revealed he was returning I think it was obvious Cheryl would be too. I do think that the years they were both on it with Louis and Dannii Minogue were the best, that was the best panel. Since then, I don't think they've really had anyone who everyone has wanted to tune in for and I don't think anyone has had the chemistry and fun that they all had. I am really not impressed with this years panel, Louis? hes a manager and has that sort of experience but seriously all he seems to do is say the same phrases over and over again, every single year and it gets a bit boring. That said though, I don't think X Factor would be the same without him. Mel B was a Spice Girl, I loved them when I was about 5 but when did she last release any sort of music? I really think if you are going to get 'popstars' to be on the panel, they need to be relevant. Actually out releasing good music now. Cheryl Cole? It seems to me like she is only doing this because she has a new album out around the time the live shows will be on. The albums she released while she was on the X Factor last time did better than the one she released when she had left the panel. I suppose who can blame her if she is getting paid millions and knows her music will probably go straight to number 1 after promoting it on the show. I really want to say that I won't watch this years show but I am sure I will, I just can't see it being as good as previous years. Theres no Gary Barlow this year, so already the shows going downhill. 

Also in this weeks OK! Magazine was an interview with Melanie Sykes. Seriously why is this woman still allowed to be on TV and in magazines? A few months ago it was reported that she attacked her new husband and was arrested. I know not everything we read is the truth but I think there was enough coverage and basically confirmation from her now ex husband to believe it. I just think if it was a man who had done this and been arrested is there any way he'd have been allowed to have carry on with his career like this? No way.  

Star Magazine - Katie Price. 
Katie Price is in the papers every single week, there always seems to be some sort of drama in her life but I do feel sorry for her. I really didn't like her for a long time, I was Team Pete all the way but recently I have started to warm to her. She seems like such a good mum and no one can fault her for that. She brought Harvey up alone, who is disabled and that would be hard for any person, she's been through a few divorces (I think it is 2?) had a traumatic birth with Jett last year and now she is pregnant again to a man who had been having an affair with her best friend. You have to feel bad for her, no matter what you think, no one deserves some of the things she has gone through. I really think she was silly to marry Kieran so quickly but I think a lot of people thought she really had found the right person this time and after the arrival of their son Jett, they did seem like a happy family. Then, as soon as she discovered she was pregnant again, she was already 6 months gone and then came the news that he had been cheating on her, not just with anyone, her closest friend. Any woman who can do that to their friend is disgusting and i'm really not sure how I would manage to hold it in if someone did that to me. Kieran is just as bad too, why do men cheat? Seriously, if you are not happy just leave! The same goes to women who cheat too. I think it is ridiculous and hopefully she'll manage to get through this pregnancy ok and deliver a healthy baby. Hopefully if she takes him back he will learn from what he has done and be a good husband in the future! 

New Magazine - Lauren Goodger.
I really do love TOWIE and have done since the beginning, when Lauren and Mark Wright were both on it. Lauren left a few years ago now and yet it still seems to be all she talks about! In New Magazine this week there is an interview with her and for like the third or fourth week in a row she is mentioning Mark and Michelle Keegan and TOWIE. She says she has moved on and is over him yet she is still talking about him and his relationship. Lauren is talking about the type of TV roles Michelle may do now she has left Coronation Street and the things that Mark won't like her doing. Is it really any of Lauren's business? I think it is stupid that she is making a living and 'career' for herself by talking about these things in interviews all the time, move on! 

I'm sure most weeks there will be stories about all of these people because they are so popular but I will do my best to choose different stories each week to talk about!

What do you think to this weeks gossip?

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