Thursday, 17 July 2014

Celebrity Gossip #4

Big News - Cheryl Cole has married! 
A few nights ago on Instagram Cheryl announced she had got married to boyfriend Jean Bernard! There had been a small amount of speculation that after just 3 months together, they may have got engaged but when Cheryl spoke out she said she wanted to let people know they had actually married on 7/7/14. It has also been revealed that she will be changing her name and will now be known as Cheryl Fernandez -Versini. Wow who expected that? They've only been together for a short amount of time but I think you know when you've found the right one. Hopefully she has this time! 

OK Magazine - Billie Faiers. 
Billie Faiers and her fiance Greg Shepherd have had a baby girl! She is yet to be named but she looks like the cutest baby. There is an exclusive interview with them in this weeks OK magazine along with beautiful baby pictures. This pregnancy was one we were all waiting for, if you watch TOWIE! Billie and Greg have been together for a number of years and she has said herself she is a very maternal person so a lot of people thought they might be the first to have a baby or get married. Billie was past her due date and endured a 32 hour labour so the baby definitely kept everyone waiting! 

Star Magazine - Celebrities Brand New Bodies.
In this weeks Star, Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison has revealed she has again lost more weight after gaining 12lbs while filming a new series. Just a few months ago she released a fitness DVD and showed off her weight loss taking her from a size 16 to a 6. She said she worried about gaining weight while filming a new series of Geordie Shore due to all the drinking and partying but I don't think she looks any different and she definitely doesn't look bad with the supposed gained weight on her. I don't think she needed to loose weight in the first place, before she did her DVD. I think she looked fine and there is nothing wrong with being a size 16. If she is happy in herself and with how she looks then good for her, she's definitely done very well with it all and her DVD sold extremely well. In this weeks Star, Kerry Katona is also showing off her weight loss just a few months after having a baby. I don't understand why there is so much pressure on mums to loose to the baby weight almost straight away. If you have just had a baby the last thing on your mind should be getting to the gym or exercising but it seems as though with all these celebrities they are so concerned about what they look like for the papers and magazines, that they rush to loose it all. I think this just puts even more pressure on actual normal mums who see these women loosing weight so quickly, and it isn't always realistic for everyone. 

New Magazine - Lauren Goodger on Celebrity Big Brother?
It is rumoured that Lauren Goodger, former star of TOWIE is entering the big brother house in a few months time for the next celebrity series. Apparently they want her on the show because she may reveal some secrets about her relationship with Mark Wright and the cast of TOWIE. I really hope this isn't true and she doesn't. She is just living off talking about her relationship with Mark which ended years ago and it is so boring now! I hope there are some actual real celebrities in this years big brother and not just reality TV people!

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