Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Oscar Pistorious - Innocent or Guilty?

I have never really been too bothered about watching the news everyday or keeping up with the latest headlines but something that I have been following and reading about is the Oscar Pistorious trial. This is something that I have been really interested in since the story broke in February 2013 and I thought it was about time I did a blog post on it. I would love to know what other people think so feel free to leave your comments!
14th February 2013, Oscar Pistorious shot and killed his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp at home in Pretoria. Oscar apparently mistook her for an intruder and maintains his story that he didn't know it was Reeva in the bathroom and that is why he shot. When police were called and neighbours arrived at the scene he was distraught and was doing everything he could to save her. 

I'm just going to go straight in with it, I think his story is unbelievable and is something he made up at the time when he realised what he had done. He says that when he heard something in the house he said something to Reeva, who he thought was in the bed and then went to head for the bathroom. He didn't check around him to see if she was actually there or where she was, he just assumed she would be there. Surely you would know that your partner isn't in the bed, you would look or feel if you couldn't see? Why would you head for the supposed intruder and not check properly where your partner was? Oscar Pistorious had also been trained and informed of what to do if he thought there was an intruder or burglar in his house and he was trained in the use of guns. He would know not to head straight for the intruder. Why would he ignore all of his training? and why would a burglar go and hide themselves in a bathroom cubicle? It makes no sense. 

I think he could just have been in such a state of panic that he wasn't thinking straight and it all happened so quick that it was over before he had chance to think and process what he was going to do. I think that is the only other thing that could explain why he did what he did, because he didn't think. 

Although there is a chance that he genuinely didn't know she was in the bathroom, there is so much evidence that shows the kind of relationship they had and the personality he had, to prove he did know what he was doing. Text messages were shown during the trial where Reeva said she was scared of Oscar, it seemed like he could have been the sort of person to be slightly controlling or have a temper. 
A text message from Reeva to Oscar after an argument. 
I think this shows that she was unhappy in the relationship to some extent and as reported, maybe she was trying to leave that night? I think clearly they did have problems in their relationship, like everyone but these texts aswell as screams heard from neighbours, does seem to go against his version of events. 

The screams heard by neighbours is something that I think plays a big part in the trial. If Oscar didn't know she was in the bathroom and went to shoot he would have heard her scream or say it was her not an intruder. He then wouldn't have shot 3 more times, you would think. When he was questioned about the screams people heard, he said it was him. You can tell the difference between a mans scream and a woman's. I think she will have screamed and he has carried on shooting. I do think that they might have had an argument and Oscar has gone into a fit of rage and shot at her, maybe he did chase her and wasn't thinking about what he was doing and the consequences. I just think the story he is sticking to doesn't make sense and doesn't fit in with the witnesses' story. 

I really cannot make a prediction on whether he will be found guilty or not guilty of the death of Reeva Steenkamp, how the judge is going to make the decision, I don't know. Sometimes I think his story is so unbelievable that he has to be found guilty but other times you can see how remorseful he is for what happened. I think if his story is true, it is a very tragic accident and no one could possibly imagine and how him and Reevas family must be feeling, but if it isn't and he is guilty he does deserve to go to prison for a very long time.

What do you think?

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Caroline said...

I too have been fascinated and intrigued by this trial and story.
I agree that his story seems unbeliveable in places. But relatable in others.
I think both sides has called some witnesses that have been a bit shaky in their cases..
I don't believe he intentionally killed her, I think it was an accident, but it didn't happen how he says.
At the end of the day, regardless of what messages they have and what her friends and family can say about her, him and their relationship, the only two people that know how they were feeling that day/night are Oscar and the late Reeva. We've all been in a rocky up and down relationship that's perfect one minute and changes the next and messages they have and cctv footage shows both sides days before the event.
I do think he needs to be brought down a peg or two, he does seem to have a sense of being 'above the law', be it his hightened anxiousness or just his ego.


Tiffany Timms said...

I think it is very likely it was an accident, but has maybe not told the whole truth about what did happen that night, his story makes sense sometimes and others it seems completely unbelievable. I saw the video of the CCTV footage too and they did seem happy there so I think whatever happened he did love her and does feel extremely guilty for what he did xx

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