Monday, 14 July 2014

My Dream Home - Bathroom and Kids Bedrooms...

I did a post on my Dream Home recentely and I mentioned then I wanted to do another post on my ideal bathroom and kids bedrooms. I would love kids one day so I always think about how their rooms would be, I just can't wait.

I think the bathroom is the hardest room to choose how to decorate! There are so many nice styles and colours for bathroom accessories and I think all of them would look great. I really like turquoise and blues for the bathroom but there are so many nice cream and beige items which would look just as good, I really have no idea! 
I love the Isabella Bathroom Collection from Next, it includes a Cabinet, Floor Unit, Sink Console and Laundry Bin. I love the colour and the style of all of these and they go great together. I would really love items like this in my bathroom, they look very sophisticated and a little different to other bathroom furniture. Something else that I think would look really nice and would actually go well with the furniture is the Scroll Wood Boxes from Next. These are so pretty and I love the labels on them. They would be great for storing beauty products and I just love them! Something I have wanted for ages is one of these Glitter Sets also from Next. It includes a tumbler and a dispenser. 

From BHS, I spotted this Bronze Vintage Waste Bin, it is only £5.40, down from £18! I like the vintage style of it and this would fit well with the wooden boxes and furniture from Next. I just think it is really pretty. 

Children's Bedrooms - Boys. 
I love this Wall Mount from Next for £65. This is a really great idea for storing books and leaves space elsewhere for other furniture. You also won't then have books lying around on the floor hopefully! This Bunk Bed, also from Next, sleeps two people so would be ideal if you have a few children and not much space! This is a bed that could be used from when they are little and follow through until they are much older. The Football Bedding from Asda is perfect for any boys who like sport and is only £10. Asda have some great bedding sets and they are really good prices. 

Children's Bedroom - Girls. 
I love this Dressing Table Set from Next! It is just gorgeous and I would love something like this in a girls bedroom. I just think it would be perfect for a little girl as she grows up. From Next, I also love this Little House Underbed Den. It is great to have on the side of the bed and it is somewhere children can play during the day. This Pink Tower Storage is from Asda and would be perfect for storing books,toys or clothes. It looks quite small so wouldn't take up loads of space in the bedroom either. I also saw this Pink Hopscotch Rug from Asda and this would be nice in the centre of the bedroom and it is a nice little game for them to play! 

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