Thursday, 24 July 2014

One Chance Film Review...

One Chance 2013. 

Main Cast:
James Corden, Alexandra Roach, Julie Walters, Colm Meaney, Mackenzie Crook. 

This is the story of Paul Potts, the first Britain's Got Talent winner. He always dreamed of being a superstar but never thought he would achieve it. Paul was working in Carphone Warehouse and had his fair share of bad luck through his life, he was bullied, ran over and told to quit singing by Pavarotti. After getting into money trouble he decides to apply for the latest talent show, and to his surprise he wins! Which changes his life forever. Don't be fooled, this film is about so much more than his win on the talent show. 
If you don't want to know any details, stop reading!

My Review:
This is a film I knew I wanted to see, I love James Corden. A lot of people don't think he is a very good actor or very funny but I have always loved him since Gavin and Stacey. I was really excited for this film and had high hopes for it, it definitely exceeded expectations. I was wary that the film may be focused a lot on his win of Britain's Got Talent but it really wasn't, that part doesn't happen til almost the very end. Throughout the film you see him grow from a child to a young man and see the things he experienced. He just had a normal job in Carphone Warehouse and lived with his mum and dad until he travelled to Italy to go to a singing school. Here he had to sing for Pavarotti and it didn't go to plan. This is one of those films where you really want things to go right for the characters, I was really willing him to do well and you feel gutted when something bad happens. I did love Alexandra Roach in this film too, she plays Paul's Girlfriend and I think she was perfect for the role. She was just funny throughout and they had a great relationship. I really enjoyed it when you knew it was coming towards the end and the Britain's Got Talent part. It was strange seeing clips of the judges from years ago! I did feel a bit emotional towards the end when you see he has won the show and how his life has changed for the better. It is a real feel good film and I definitely recommend it.  

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