Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Other Woman Film Review...

The Other Woman (2014) 

Main Cast:
Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton. 

After finding out that her boyfriend Mark is actually married, Carly does her best to move on with her life. Then she accidentally meets the wife who he was cheating on. After an awkward start, the two eventually become friends and realise how much they have in common. While deciding how to get back at him they discover another woman and another affair. The three women team up and plot revenge. 
If you haven't seen the film and don't want to know any details, stop reading now!

My Review:
I loved this film! It was so much better than I expected and I am getting this on DVD as soon as I can! Cameron Diaz plays Carly, Leslie Mann is Kate and Kate Upton is Amber. All of them are dating Mark and none of them know about each other. Carly turns up at Marks house and finds out about Kate, after this they become good friends and start plotting revenge. While doing this they follow him to the Bahamas and discover Amber, the third woman. I think the film is a little bit predictable because it is obvious they are all going to become friends and find out about one another but it wasn't a bad film at all. I hadn't seen the trailer loads and didn't know much about it, it wasn't a movie that I was desperate to see at the cinema so I didn't have much feeling about it before we watched. I am so glad we did decided to put it on though, it was a real girl power film and you really find yourself rooting for them all the way through it and wanting them to get their revenge. Nicki Minaj was also in the film and played Carly's assistant. She was really good actually. This was the first thing I had seen her acting in and even though I wasn't too bothered about her before, I did like her in this. If you haven't seen this film you really need to get a copy when it is released on DVD. I was so impressed and it was such a funny film. Leslie Mann was great in this movie. She is one of the funniest actresses and I especially love her in This Is 40.

Have you seen this film?

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Unknown said...

I heart Leslie mann!!! I too thought this movie was brilliant and a bit genius!!! xxx

Tiffany Timms said...

It definitely was! I just loved it xxx

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