Friday, 1 August 2014

Celebrity Gossip #6

OK Magazine - Tulisa's Court Battle. 
Tulisa has been cleared of all charges for supplying class A drugs. She was formally charged last year in December and appeared at court just before Christmas where she denied she had been involved with supplying cocaine. She was granted bail and her trial date was set for July 2014. During the trial she admitted to having connections with drug dealers and that one of her ex boyfriends had been a huge cocaine dealer. The court case collapsed as it was believe that Mazher Mahmood, the prosecution witness had lied to court. She has now said that the past year has ruined her life and that she wants to get back to releasing music and trying to get her life back on track. I think that she does deserve another chance but her name has been tarnished now due to this trial. Whether the case collapsed or not, she did set up the deal and was involved, I don't see how she can say she wasn't, their was video proof. I'm not a huge fan of Tulisa, I do feel bad for her but aswell as this court case, she has just been charged for assaulting a fashion blogger. It's kind of her own fault isn't it? I don't see how she can get her career back after this. 

Also in this weeks OK magazine was an interview with Kerry Katona and her fiance George Kay. In the pictures and interview they seem so happy and like a loving family. It was revealed yesterday though that George had been detained under the mental health act. He was seen running up and down the road outside their house shouting that someone was trying to kill him. I feel so bad for him and obviously for Kerry and the kids. He seems like a really good man and this looks like the most stable relationship Kerry has been in. Hopefully he can get the help he needs, he has spoken in interviews before about feeling depressed and low. I think mental health is something that isn't spoken about enough and I really think a lot of people just don't want to know and act as if it doesn't happen. It is an illness and I don't think a lot of people see it in that way yet. 

Star Magazine - Peaches Secret Heroin Addiction. 
Details of Peaches death were revealed at the inquest last week. There were hidden syringes found in the loft of their house and heroin upto the value of £500. She had been hiding the fact that she had relapsed and was addicted to the drug. It is reported she had been getting help for her addiction and had been vising a rehab centre. Aswell as the drugs been found in the loft, their was also some found in a sweetie box. This is very similar to her mum Paula who hid drugs in a Smarties tube. I think it is all so sad and just a repeat of what happened to her own mum. She had said she never wanted her children to be without a mother like she was and now they are. You can't possibly imagine how her husband must be feeling and how lost her little boys will be without her. I do believe she loved them all so much, you could tell that when she spoke about them on TV and in interviews but as I have never took drugs or been addicted to anything I can't possibly guess how it must feel to want to be there for your family but have this deep addiction at the same time. Addiction is a horrible thing and it must be so hard to try and get off whatever it is you are taking, but if you can't do it for your family and your babies what can you do it for? I think the worst thing is that she took heroin while she was in the house with one of her children. She was the one looking after him, she was in charge, how could she possibly think it was the right thing to do, to take drugs while your child is there? He was found next to her body and I think that is just awful. Who knows whether he will remember that or not, hopefully they can grow up knowing that no matter what happened, they were very loved by their mum. 

New Magazine - Lauren Goodger AGAIN!
Can this woman go one week without being in the papers? She is in New Magazine to talk about her 'Sex Tape Shame'. This has apparently been circulating around the internet, a six second clip of her and an ex. She says she never thought the tape would get out and can't believe someone would do this to her. I agree that is horrible her ex would do this, it is disgusting and you have to feel bad about that. She was with someone she loved at the time and trusted. But she shouldn't have let it be filmed in the first place! She wouldn't have to worry at all then! I just really think she is in the magazines for all the wrong reasons, but she plays on it because it is publicity. 

What do you think?

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