Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Goals for the next 5-10 years...

There are so many things I want to achieve over the next few years and I really hope I manage it. Some are work related and some are more personal but all really important to me. Have you set yourself any goals for the next few years?

1. Find a job I love.
I know that the only thing I really want to do as my 'job' is be a mum but that just isn't possible yet so I am on the lookout for something I am going to really enjoy right now. I think I might have found something I am just waiting to hear a response. I'd like to get a job where I can earn just a bit of money, enough to get by and save for the future. 
2. Get Engaged.
This is something me and George talk about all the time and we both know it will happen sooner rather than later, i'm just waiting for it, hopefully this year but it's not really up to me.
3. Move into a house.
As soon as George finishes uni we want to get a house. Theres no way we can buy, we will have to rent but you can find some great 3 or 4 bedroom houses for a decent price! It is important we get a good or decent sized house in our price range as it will probably be the place we end up staying for a long time if things go to plan. I am not somebody who could deal with moving every few years, I want to be settled somewhere. 

4. Go on an amazing holiday!
This is a goal just because we haven't been on holiday together yet! There are so many things that as a couple we just haven't done yet. Both of these have just been down to money and family things. We're really hoping to get a holiday next year, my dream is to go to Paris and I do think this will be our first holiday together, I'd also love to go to Venice/Rome too. Beach holidays are on my list too! We'd love to get away somewhere, hopefully by the time we both have jobs we can try and get a holiday in each year and one day have big family trips. 

5. Have babies!
Within the next 5 years I would love to have a baby. When George leaves uni, apart from getting a house, the first thing I want is a baby! I just can't wait any longer. I have known since I was young that I was meant to be a mum, I think about it everyday and it will just make my life. We will still only be in our early twenties but I would have one now if we could afford it! I think that shocks people sometimes, but if you know what job/career you want you go for it and you do everything you can to get there, for me and some other people all they want is to have children and be a mum, I don't think it matters what age you are as long as it is the right time for you. Some people aren't 'career people', i'm just not, for me it is all about being a mum. Within the next 10 years I would love to have 2 or 3 children, I want a big family and would love at least 3 or 4! 
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