Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Weekly Grocery Shop #7

We are finally back in Leicester now, after about 6 weeks in Sheffield! We didn't intend on staying that long but we had a good time, it is nice to be home though and it just be the two of us again. We decided to go back to Asda for our food shop this week, we didn't pick up any fruit as we got that from Morrisons. They have some really good deals on fruit and veg so it made sense to get it from there. I will do a separate post on that though. We have spent just over £34 this week, including delivery. Most of the stuff we got will just last us for the week but there are some things which will last a lot longer and won't need replacing yet.

I know some of the pictures aren't great but I did my best!
Butchers Selection Lean Beef Mince £2 
Butchers Selection Pork Chops £3 
Butchers Selection Mini Breast Fillets £2.20 
Crispy Leaf Salad £1.
Carrot Batons and Peas £1.
Variety Fries £0.85 
Fresh Semi Skimmed Milk £0.49. 
Light Spread £1. 
Smartprice Garlic Baguette 
Sliced Chargrill Chicken and Oven Baked Ham 2 for £3 
Beef Stock Cubes £0.40 and Reduced Salt Bisto £0.78. 
Branston Baked Beans £1 
Sage and Onion Stuffing Mix £0.37 
Salted Popcorn £0.85 
Smartprice Chopped Tomatoes £0.31 x2
Spaghetti £0.50
Mini Mix Variety Pack £1.45
Baby Potatoes £0.87 
Skinless Frozen Sausages £1.78 
Light Salad Cream £0.70.
Cucumber £0.49.
Cherry Tomatoes £0.86.
Daim Bars £1
Potatoes Waffles £1.
Icepops £1
Fish Fingers £1 
Southern Fried Chicken £1.
Chicago Town Pizzas £1 each

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