Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Weekly Grocery Shop #8

This week we got our food shop from Asda again and it was about £28 all together with delivery which is the cheapest shop we have done in ages! We've basically been cooking every meal we make and it is working out a lot cheaper.
Weight Watchers Petit Pain £0.98 
Baking Potatoes £0.98. 
Thorntons Caramel Cakes £1. 
2 Onions £0.31
Ginger £1
Alpen Light £1.50 
Chopped Tomatoes x2 £0.62 
Paxo Breadcrumbs £1
Tomato Ketchup £0.69.
Mushy Pea £0.49. 
Hot Curry Powder £1.
Passata £0.50.
Smartprice Jaffa Cakes £0.40.
Nectarines £0.84.
Peaches £0.57
Strawberries £1.50. 
Pineapple £0.69 
1 Lemon and 1 Lime, around £0.25 each. 
White Fish Fillets Frozen £2.
Parsley £0.74. 
Yeo Valley Natural Fat Free Yoghurt £0.50 x2.
Milk £0.49. 
Pom Bears £1 
Kia Ora £1 
Orange Sugar Free Pop £0.60. 
Milk Chocolate Bubbly Bites £1.20
White Chocolate Bubbly Bites £1.20 

Most of the fruit actually goes out tomorrow and we only got the shopping yesterday so that is going to have to be replaced quite soon, so annoying paying for it and then having to pay more on top of it to replace it all!

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