Saturday, 20 September 2014

Weekly Favourite #2

My Weekly Favourite this week is the Garnier Pure Active Face Wash. I started using this face wash a few weeks ago, which I mentioned it in my Boots Haul and I have loved it. 
I bought it on a whim really, I knew I wanted to get some new skincare products but it wasn't what I was specifically looking for the day I got it. I had been using Simple Cleanser and Simple Face Wash but I was running out and I was using them just to finish them, not really because they were doing much. I have spot prone skin and I hate it, I really do, so I want something that is going to hopefully get rid of that and prevent it. As good as Simple products are, I do think my skin had got too used to them and they have stopped working. 

I wasn't looking for a particular brand or range, but I ended up getting Make Up Remover and a Face Wash from the Garnier range. I bought the Micellar Water which everyone has been raving about, I can definitely see why and I got Pure Active Anti - Blackhead Deep Pore Wash. Both of these were on offer which is partly what attracted me to them but I knew I wanted the Micellar Water regardless of the price and I thought it made sense to get them both from the same brand. 

I bought the face wash as it says The Pure Active range has been developed to fight the appearance of imperfections, blackheads and shine. I definitely suffer with these things and I can say that I have noticed an improvement since I started using this. It also said it contains micro beads to exfoliate and cleanse your face. I love it when I can really tell that that what I am using is working, I give my face a good scrub with it and make sure all the dirt and bacteria has gone and I can really just tell that it is helping my skin. 

My skin isn't perfect at all, I would love it to be clear and smooth all the time and never wake up with spots but I am a girl and no matter what I do or what I use, there are always going to be times when I can't do anything about it, I just have to get over it, deal with it and wait for whatever might be on my skin to disappear. Whatever my skin might look like, I can feel the difference this face wash is making. It has improved my spots and complexion but the biggest difference is how soft it has made my skin feel. I use this in the morning after I have washed and at night after a shower and within minutes of wiping it away, I have smooth skin which feels amazing. I would seriously recommend this. It was just over £1 when I bought it in Boots which is such a bargain but I would pay more than that in the future. I don't think the original price was that far off £1 anyway and the Micellar Water, which I will do a review on soon, was just over £3. I haven't used Garnier products much in the past but if these two are anything to go by I will be definitely be buying more in the future. 

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Unknown said...

Sounds good, I need a new face wash, might just purchase this ♥ x x

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