Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Weekly Grocery Shop #11

This weeks shop was from Asda, I think it might last us a bit longer than a week as we have quite a lot in now that needs using and I have meals planned for at least a week. I managed to keep the total to just over £25 this week including delivery which I was really pleased about.
3X Wholemeal Pitta Bread £1
5% Fat Mince -£2 
2X Smoked Bacon £4 
Haricot Beans £0.62 
Crispy Fries £0.85.
Chopped Tomatoes £0.31. 
Kidney Beans £0.23.
Passata £0.50 
Low Fat Supernoodles 3 for £2.
Freddos £1.
Jubbly Lollies £1 
Eggs £0.89.
Nectarines £0.84. 
Strawberries £1.50 
Extra Large Chicken 
Granny Smith Apples £1.40.
Premium Baking Potatoes £1.50.
Cauliflower £0.80.

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