Friday, 3 October 2014

My Dream Wedding - Inspiration from Pinterest #1

I have mentioned quite a lot in previous blog posts that I can't wait to be married one day and I have decided to do a series of blog posts on this, each one focusing on a different aspect of my dream day. As I have been thinking about this day since I was about 10, I have so many ideas for it and after discovering pinterest a while ago now, they have only grown! I have a whole 'board' dedicated to weddings and I have over 400 pins now so you could say I am a little obsessed by it. There is no way I could possibly put everything down in one blog post that I would like and the things I have thought about so I am going to split it into 4 or 5 different posts. This being the first one will be about venues, the second about dresses, the third will be food, the fourth being honeymoons and I think I will end on a post about why I actually want to get married and why it will be so special to me. I know this sort of thing won't be for everybody and I don't expect you all to keep reading or come back for each one, I am doing this because I would love to have these posts to look back on when the day does arrive. 

#1 - Venues. 

I suppose when I have always thought of getting married, the obvious venue would be a church. I am not religious so I am not even sure if it would be possible but for a long time that is how I pictured it. That has now changed and I think I am pretty sure now that I just wouldn't want that. Me and George have spoken about the type of wedding we would want, it is topic of conversation a lot and we would both want a small ceremony with just a few people there. The idea of a church wedding has just gone out of the window, it may be for some people but I know it isn't for me. 

This may sound a bit silly to other people and for us it did start of as a little joke, but I now would seriously consider the idea of going to Gretna Green in Scotland, the place famous for runaway weddings. To be quite honest and blunt about it, we don't feel like a lot of people would want to be there, we don't have the best relationships with some people so for us this place would be perfect, we could literally go, just the two of us or take a few people with us, those who are happy for us and want to be there. I think it would be quite fitting to go there as the place is known for small weddings like this and being the place you go with just your partner. Sometimes I think we would literally go and get married without out even telling anybody or we could take a few family members or friends and celebrate with the people who mean a lot to us. Gretna Green accommodate and have different wedding packages based on what you want and the amount of people you are taking so there is something for everyone. I really like the Intimate Wedding Package that they offer and the Intimate Luxury Penthouse Ceremony Package. I would also love the chance to explore Scotland for a few days afterwards too, I went years and years ago but can't remember anything and it seems like such a nice place. 
Another option I really like the thought of is going abroad somewhere to get married. Again we could just take a few people and have a really intimate ceremony on a beach. I love the look of the Beach Wedding at Istron Bay in Crete, Greece. I love Greece and would be happy to get married there and also spend our honeymoon there! I've always liked the idea of going somewhere like Mauritius too, I follow somebody on Instagram who has just been on honeymoon there and it looks so beautiful! 
There's always a chance though we'll forget all of these ideas and just elope to Vegas?! Who knows!

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