Wednesday, 15 October 2014

From Leicester to Sheffield...

I thought I would do a little update for you all because quite a few things have changed over the last few weeks!

So I am no longer in Leicester! We made the hard decision to move back to Sheffield. The reason we have moved is because it was actually getting unbearable in our flat. As I am sure you know because I have mentioned a few times, I chose to leave uni earlier on in the year and since then I have really struggled to find work meaning money was quite low. We were living off what George had and as you don't get loads when you're in uni, it just wasn't enough. For some reason nobody wanted to take us on in Leicester, trust me we tried. 

It was at the point that we just couldn't do anything. We were never going out and it was affecting our health. I have mentioned before on my blog that since I left uni I have been struggling with anxiety, due to so many things that have happened over the last few months. I have times when it gets really bad and then other times I'll be fine for a few days. As we were so unhappy my anxiety was getting really bad, I couldn't cope anymore. As we had both been thinking about coming back to Sheffield for a while, we really started on the job hunt. Luckily within a few weeks George had managed to land a job! We will actually be okay for money now which is such a good feeling, I hate worrying that there isn't enough for rent or food and now we don't have too! We are currently staying with George's family, this is completely temporary. We are aiming to be out by Christmas, maybe even next month if its possible. We should be able to rent a nice little house and I am so excited! We already have some viewings arranged! Things are finally looking up and I can't wait to get buying new things for the home and look forward to all of the other things we are going to be able to do now. Another thing that is great about being back here is that there seems to be so many more jobs here for me. This didn't seem like the case a few years ago when I was looking but I suppose now I am more qualified for a lot of things. Though we still have a lot going on in other areas of our lives, this is something that seems to have gone to plan for us. Its about time! We have had a crap few years. 

I can't actually believe how quickly this has all happened. We decided last week to come back, George had an interview and got a job and now we're here! 

I am definitely glad I have plenty of blog posts waiting to be published as everything has just been so busy and I was worried I would fall behind with it. I am going to try and get a post out every other day as I just find so many things I want to talk to you all about though if that isn't possible, there will be at least a few a week until things are a bit more settled. 

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Unknown said...

I hope Sheffield is all you hope it to be Hun. It is brave to make such a move and as far as getting a job goes. Everything happens for a reason and there was a reason that Leicester didn't work out. good luck to you both xxx

Tiffany Timms said...

Thank you, it feels like the right decision so we'll have to wait and see :) xxx

Bunmi Afuye said...

i'm glad you made the move as it was necessary, you took a brave step. hope sheffield is treating you well.

Tiffany Timms said...

Thank you, it is so far! :) xx

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