Sunday, 14 December 2014

Foodies Gift Guide...

Every christmas there are certain things that I always look forward to. I love opening presents and seeing my favourite chocolates or some sort of cooking gift set, or a recipe book. I could honestly cook and bake everyday so it's always exciting to see those gift sets in store around christmas time. And I just love chocolate. I also go a bit mad when it comes to buying gifts like this for other people, people we buy for always have some sort of chocolate wrapped up as part of their present! 

Depending on the sort of thing you are looking for, something like these particular chocolates from Sent With A Loving Kiss would be perfect. Sent With A Loving Kiss have handcrafted British luxury chocolates all presented in a personalised tin which you can keep forever! It is such a cute idea and I think it is great that you can add a nice little message so every tin is different. All of these tins come with a variety of chocolate, I really like the Christmas Cuties set which includes Milk Chocolate Present Discs, Milk Chocolate Christmas Tree Discs, Milk Chocolate Stocking Disc and Milk Chocolate Star Discs. This is normally £19.99 but if you use the code H1403 you can get it for £17.99. Another set I like is the Merry Love which includes White Chocolate Kisses Discs, Dark Chocolate Mistletoe Discs, Milk Chocolate Heart Discs and a Milk Chocolate Personalised Bar. With you bar you could choose a name to go on it, a date or a motto, whatever you like. This is normally £22.99 but you can use the same code H1403 to get this for £20.99. 
This year I have found some great deals at BHS, every time I look they seem to have another offer on and at the moment they are doing quite big discounts of christmas gifts. I have found 3 things which I think would all make really nice presents! 
I have had my eyes on the American Fries set for a while now, it would be so good to just stack your chips up in the little baskets, like your in a fancy restaurant! It just makes things look a bit more interesting! It also comes with a metal shaker and some seasoning. This is currently on offer for £12. Something else I like the look of is the Luxury Toffee Selection which is only £4.80. I love toffee so this would be perfect for me! It comes with 4 varieties too. The last thing I thought looked really good at BHS was this Burger Cookbook and Seasoning Set. I think this would be perfect for George! The cookbook contains 100 recipes which I think is mad, I didn't know there was that many different ways to make a burger! You would be able to make some many different types with that many recipes. This is normally £15 but it currently only £7.50! 

The last few things I think would be great for christmas are from Next. I love when we go to restaurants and they have a bread board or a bread tin on the menu. We have to order it! I saw this Oil and Vinegar Dip Set and it is just the best gift, if anyone wants to buy it for me, feel free! So then I can be fancy and do my own bread board for people. I really like the look of this Home Cooked Comforts Recipe Book which is £8. It has some really great winter dishes like pies and casseroles, just great for this time of year! 
I hope this has given you some inspiration for christmas presents this year if you're struggling or know someone who really loves their food and cooking!

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