Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Rimmel Long Lasting Foundation...

This is something that was mentioned as a weekly favourite but I thought it deserved a proper review as I love it so much and it has been quite a while since I spoke about it.
This foundation claims to last 25 hours leaving skin feeling hydrated. I can't say whether it does last the full 25 hours or not but when I do wear it, it stays on for as long as I want it too and I never feel like I need to top up my make-up and add more as the day goes on. I love that when I wear this I don't have to worry that when I next look in the mirror, all of my make-up will have just disappeared. I have a bad relationship with my skin, it just doesn't do what I want it too, I get spots and redness and I honestly hate it sometimes. I am always worrying that you'll be able to notice it under my make-up but with this you really can't. It gives me enough coverage to last the day and I don't need to apply loads either.

This foundation does claim to have a 'lightweight coverage'. As I just said the coverage is great but I don't know if I agree that it is lightweight. Sometimes I put this on and I can feel it on my skin for a while, I blend and buff it in but it doesn't always give me that feeling that I have nothing on my face like some other foundations do. This could be something that is different for others who use it though. I would say that is the only con I can find with this product, it definitely isn't something that would stop me buying it again in the future, I actually think this will be the one I stick with for a while. The way it makes my skin look all day is good enough for me. It sounds strange but I also love the smell of this foundation! I'm not sure why, it just smells nice! That isn't always the case with a lot of make-up products, I also love the bottle and the packaging.

I bought this when it was on offer in Asda for £5 and at the moment it is only £4.98! You can also buy it at Boots and Superdrug where it is £7.99. They do have 3 for 2 on cosmetics too.

What do you think to this foundation?

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