Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Family Weekend In Our New Home...

I have completely abandoned my blog for the last few days, I haven't had chance to get on the laptop but I was always conscious that I need to get on and write some posts up! This will probably be the last one before christmas but they'll be back to normal next week! 

The reason I couldn't put any posts up this weekend was because we had Georges brothers over and we had such a good time! They were supposed to stay 2 nights but ended up staying 3 and I think they wanted to stay longer! They kind of took over the laptop so it was impossible to get onto it, and the xbox but we did have a great time. We watched a load of films, including Mrs Doubtfire which I have never watched all the way through! I have always seen clips but this was the first time actually sitting down to watch it and I really enjoyed it. I sometimes struggle to just sit and watch something but with this I was just enjoying it so much. We had loads of sweets, did some baking and they helped me cook too! I think they're coming to stop with us again in a few weeks time so I really can't wait. It was nice to have George at home too for more than just one day this weekend! Since we have moved he's literally had a few days here and I have kind of had to settle in to the new place by myself which I really struggled with. It was nice to spend time together and just relax. This weekend Tracey (Georges auntie) came over and gave us some engagement presents! We got a bottle of champagne which looks so fancy! We've decided to save it until christmas day, we also got some lovely chocolates which are obviously all gone now and a lovely card.
We're definitely making progress with the flat. There is still stuff in the spare room to sort through but we've got plenty of time to go through it all. There are a few extra things we want to add like a living room rug, some wall art and new photo frames but its stuff we can build up and add over time. We've put some nice things up on the walls too so it really feels like ours now. We're both looking forward to christmas here, it didn't take us long to realise we wanted christmas here and just the two of us. I can't wait to get cooking on christmas day and make an amazing (hopefully) christmas dinner for us. We want to make it really special, all the food has been bought now and all the  presents are wrapped so it just needs to hurry up now! 
Next Wall Picture, Lovely vase with flowers and a candle for the bathroom. Some pot pourri in such a nice bronze dish and my favourite ever photo, me, George and his mum. 
I really can't wait for christmas and think it will be our best one yet, its actually our first christmas day together in 3 and a half years and our first christmas engaged! It seems like the perfect way to round off the year, just the two of us together. 

I hope all of you have an amazing christmas and a very happy new year!

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