Saturday, 10 January 2015

Degustabox - December 2014...

I thought this months Degustabox would be good and it really is! They never let me down, every month they really do get better and better. 

If you didn't know Degustabox is a subscription box which comes every month, similar to beauty boxes but this one is all food and drink! You get around 9 to 14 surprise products, some which aren't even in the shops yet! It is £12.99 each month but the value of the box is always more than that so it is definitely worth the money. 
In this months box, there was a real variety, something for everyone. The first thing I saw was the Bahlsen Choco Leibniz. These are fine milk chocolate wrapped around a crisp biscuit. One pack was just plain and the other was caramel. I am actually in love with these biscuits. I have had them before and seriously, I could eat them everyday. So happy these were included in the box. The next thing was Fry Light Infuse, we got the chilli flavour but I think some people got the garlic. We have had the normal fry light before and always buy it when we can, so much better than using oil for cooking. If you didn't know fry light is an alternative to oil and butter, things you might use when cooking or frying food. It is so much better for you and you only need a few sprays so it lasts a long time. I had been wanting to try the chilli one so I am very glad we got this! Another Kents Kitchen Meal Kit was included and we haven't got round to using the one from last months box but we will as they look so good! Just quick and easy. I was recently sent a huge parcel from Kents Kitchen with loads of different cooking kits and ingredients so look out for a review sometime in the new year! Pukka Herbs Clean Green was in the box and it wasn't something I was really excited to get but I will try it and I think George really wants to see what these are like! Something else I wasn't too bothered about but will give it a go is the Oats and Chia, these are whoelgrain oats and chia blended with fruit and coconut oil. All you do is add water, so great for people who don't have dairy and they seem good for quick breakfasts. Something we opened straight away was the Gloworm Premium Mixers, we got 4 flavours, Raspberry and Orris, Cucumber and Apple, Pear, Spice and Lime and Ginger and Lemongrass. These are designed to blend with spirits and seem really interesting! The Coarse Orange Marmalade might not get used by us. I thought it was just jam at first and we would have that but I really don't think I have had marmalade since I was a kid! I just remember my grandma always having it on toast. It might get opened at some point so we can see what it is like. I was very happy Popchips were included this month! I love popchips and actually have a review of them here. The big bag got demolished pretty quickly. The last thing in the box was Eisberg Non Alcoholic Wine. I didn't realise it was non alcoholic at first but I really don't mind, I just like wine and it tastes exactly the same! This was sent with the idea of people wanting to maybe cut back on alcohol in the new year, a really great thing to include I think. 

Overall I was really happy with this months box as always, there were a few things I just won't use but I like the variety. 

What did you think to this months box?

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