Monday, 12 January 2015

Lush Christmas Candy Box...

Even though the festive period is over, I still wanted to write about the Lush Christmas Candy Box that I opened on christmas day. I could write about Lush all day, I am always finding new things to try and I have my old favourites that I keep going back to. Lush definitely becomes my favourite place at christmas time and even though I had picked up a few christmas products, I didn't actually go in as much as I have done previous years so I was really happy to see a few Lush things wrapped up as I didn't want to miss out! 

Overall, I was really impressed with this box, it had Snow Fairy in which is my favourite shower gel so I knew I was going to like it! I almost don't want to use the bottle of snow fairy because I know as soon as its gone I have to wait months until its out in the shops again! It just smells amazing and the bathroom smells like Snow Fairy all day after I've used it! Something else in the box I have used before is the Butterbear. Just so cute. I wanted to stock up on these because how adorable are they? I like that with the Butterbear it doesn't necessarily make your bath extremely exciting but you really feel the benefits of it on your skin. It makes my skin feel so so soft and moisturised. And when its this cute, I could never say anything bad about it. Really hope its back next year! The other two products included which I hadn't tried before include the Rock Star Soap and Candy Mountain. I haven't got round to using the soap yet but it does smell amazing. The candy mountain was very similar to the Hedgehog Bubble Bar which needs crumbling under running water. I always prefer the bath bombs to the bubble bars but this was still nice. The bath water went a lovely pink colour and my skin felt extremely soft! 
I would be so happy to receive this as a gift again and I think it is one I would definitely get for other people. I can't stop talking about how good the smell is but it really is amazing. If you like the scent of Snow Fairy, you will love this whole box, if not, they do sell loads of other gift sets which might be better for you. Something else I love about this box is that you get a little magazine/paper in it too. I just think this is a really cute gift set, a great starter kit for somebody who hasn't tried Lush products before. 

Have you ever tried this lush kit?

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