Thursday, 22 January 2015

Making a house a home...

I was very happy to be part of Urban Compass's new project they are doing called Starter Stories. This project involves bloggers talking about their first/current proper home and I thought this was perfect for me and my blog. They're a real estate platform in the Big Apple and serve some great neighborhoods for apartments and houses.

As most of you know me and George moved in together September 2013, into a student flat in Leicester. It wasn't a big flat at all, literally one open plan room with a bathroom. It was nice and I think we were just happy to be in our own place together but we definitely needed more space!
So this year we moved back to Sheffield and moved into a new 2 bedroom flat. This was the second place we saw, we had actually got to the final stages with another place, a 3 bedroom house which really was perfect but the less said about that the better, I still feel quite sad about it. When we found this place we knew there was quite a lot we wanted to change and add to. As this place is part furnished there was already some furniture in place, the things that we had included were 2 sofas, all kitchen electricals apart from a microwave (we can live without that for now), bedside tables, 2 wardrobes and 2 chest of drawers. We have kind of just had to make do with these things for now. They're not bad at all, but they're not ours. I have had my eye on a few other sofas and we are looking at getting some new ones soon.

The room that we wanted to start with was the living room just because this is where we spend most of our time and the room people will see if they come round. We added blankets and cosy cushions to the sofas which instantly made it look better. We bought a coffee table from IKEA for £16! It looks great and we made it look even better by adding candles and a nice photo. We just made little touches like this to make it feel really homely. Literally in the last week we have bought two new bookshelves to store all of our DVDs and recipe books and on the top we have added photo frames and more candles. Can you spot a theme? To me, things like that really make it feel like a home. We have a picture on show from about 3 years ago when we first got together! We also have our wedding planner on show on the bookshelves too which is something nice to look at!
The box of chocolates were from christmas! 
We really didn't need to do anything to the kitchen, we just added a clock and some wall art. Georges brothers actually helped us pick some stuff for the wall this weekend, they picked well.
We haven't really started on anything in the bedroom. As we haven't been here a long time we are just doing one room at at a time. All we want to add to the bedroom now is some pictures and a mirror on the walls. We would also like a new TV! But these will be things we'll sort over the next few months. We do have a few things we have added recently for a more personalised touch. We also have a spare bedroom/office but that is where literally everything goes for now as we still need to get some sort of storage. When we have that, we can start making that room look a bit better. I do want a desk so I can do my blogging in there and also it would be nice to have a bed in there for when people stop over. 
I think to say we haven't lived here that long, we have done pretty well. It does feel like a home now and I do enjoy just relaxing in the living room with the candles on at night!

As I was writing this, George was putting a new picture frame up on the wall, I ordered it from Next and I love it! Definitely feels like the living room is almost complete!
As I said, I was invited to take part in a new project called Starter Stories by Urban Compass. I have not been paid for this post and all words are my own, I just thought it sounded perfect for my blog!

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