Saturday, 24 January 2015

Wedding Planning #1

I think I am just going to do these posts every so often, just when we have made some sort of progress. I don't want to bore people too much and right now we are just talking about things, rather than actually booking and settings dates! 

The first thing we have decided on is the honeymoon. Just because, we know where we want to go and thats probably going to end up been the most expensive part of it all. I think we are set on going to New York for a week. I know a lot of people go on beach holiday type honeymoons and thats what we thought of for a while (before we even got engaged) but New York just looks so amazing. I can't imagine how it would feel to be there after wanting to go for so long. Its always been somewhere we have wanted to go but haven't really considered it until this last month. We were actually looking for this year but it just wouldn't be possible as it is going to cost a lot! Now we have an idea of how much it will be, the hotels we like, the area we want to be in, we have put a bit of a plan together. We know a set amount we need to put away each month so that we can go for our honeymoon next winter/christmas. That brings me round to the date/time of year. For now we are thinking next winter, around November/December 2016 and then a honeymoon straight after. I would love to go to New York at christmas too so it would be perfect. That been said though we really do just want to be married as soon as possible so we could end up getting married this year and just waiting until next year for the honeymoon. I think if we know we are going to New York, it would be worth the wait. 

For the actual wedding, we are pretty set on a registry office, just the two of us, maybe a few friends, maybe a few family members, we aren't decided on that bit yet. But we know we don't want a big church wedding or anything fancy, for us it is really just about been husband and wife, and me been the next Mrs.Timms! We already know the place we could go for it, how many people we would be allowed, how much it would cost, all the little details. It would really just be about booking that now and that is something we will look at over the next few months. I am so excited! 

Thats about as far as we have got now, I am constantly thinking about it and I just want it to happen now but I do want it to be as good as it can be and I know it will be worth the wait. 

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