Thursday, 8 January 2015

What I Got For My Birthday 2015...

I wanted to include a few pictures to show what I got for my birthday! I had a great day and was totally spoilt by George. 
  • Sali Hughes Pretty Honest - I have been wanting this book for a while now but I really wasn't expecting it! It was a shock to open this but I am so happy, ive had a quick read through already and I really can't wait to get through it all. 
  • Lush Snow Fairy Gift Set - George knows I love Snow Fairy and this has a shower gel, massage bar, soap and magic wand. The flat will be smelling of this for weeks! 
  • Toblerone Tinys - I just love chocolate and these are amazing.

  • Jamie Olivers Comfort Food - I was so hoping for this book, it has so many good recipes in it and I can't wait to get started on them. I also got one of his older books Ministry Of Food which I saw last week in WHSmith. Again so many great, easy recipes which I really want to try! 
  • Lush Baby Frosty Set - This has Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb which I talked about here on my blog so I was so so so happy to see this! I can't even describe, its my favourite bath so I don't really want to use it because then I've got to wait until next christmas to get another one! It also has butterball. 
  • This may seem random but I got a Frozen Colouring Book which I am really excited about! I just love Frozen, Olaf is my favourite. 

  • The wedding planning can really start now. You make think its a bit random but I said I wanted some sort of wedding magazine as I haven't had chance to get any yet and I got this huge magazine with loads of different booklets and it also came with a wedding planner so now we have two! 
  • I got some Quality Street Fruit Cremes! The strawberry fruit cremes are my favourite in quality street and I knew that these were out somewhere, a whole box dedicated just to the creme chocolates! Safe to say we are getting through them quite quickly. 

  • My main present was Foot Massager! Literally all we have to do is walk to the shop and my feet will be hurting not long after leaving, I just don't wear good shoes! I have wanted one of these for so long and Georges brother Alfie said he would try and get me one for christmas but George put towards it too and they got it me for my birthday instead. I have already tried it and I love it. I will be using this most nights! 
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Unknown said...

hope you had a good birthday !!

Tiffany Timms said...

I did thank you :) x

Unknown said...

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