Thursday, 2 April 2015

A Rant About Youtubers...

I'm aware this post could come across a bit bad and some people might disagree with some of the things I say but I can't not talk about it! Twitter just doesn't let me get everything out that I want to say in 140 characters.

I am just so sick of all of the 'big youtubers'. I really don't know when they all started getting so big headed and thinking they are more important than they really are. The majority of them also put no effort into their videos now either. 

If you are subscribed to the big youtubers then you can probably guess the people I am talking about. I actually don't mind Zoella - Zoe Sugg. I wasn't that bothered about her first but I love her vlogs and her main channel videos aren't as bad as others. I just think with Zoella it looks like her heart isn't in it anymore. She could be perfectly happy but I don't think that shows and she doesn't look that happy to be filming a video most of the time, its only in her vlogs where you see the real her. I actually feel a bit bad for her because of the whole ghostwriting scandal that im sure most people know about. I haven't read her book and I don't really intend to but I can understand why she had help, its a novel and when its your first book, I can imagine you can't do it by yourself. She's had quite a lot of bad press over it and I don't think most people would deal with it very well. I think she had much more reason to have a ghostwriter than Tanya Burr. I wrote about this a little bit here, for some reason I bought Tanya's book and I was so disappointed to find out she had a ghostwriter too. Seriously her book is about herself! How can anyone know her better than herself? It makes no sense, I get things have to be edited and tweaked but getting a ghostwriter on a book about your own life is stupid. I understand that youtubers all get these great opportunities but all they all seem to be doing is bringing out books, be a bit more original. First Zoe then everyone just jumped on the bandwagon. Tanya with 'Love Tanya', Alfie Deyes with 'The Pointless Book and The Pointless Book 2' Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter is also bringing out a book this year and so is Joe Sugg. Surely there has to be other things you can do, it isnt making you stand out from the rest of them. I know Fleur De Force brought one out too but I love her, she seems really down to earth and she documented in vlogs her actually writing all of it herself, clearly it can be done with no help. Tanya also brought out a makeup line which consists of lip glosses and nail polishes. Not ones that I have tried, her range isn't going to last longer than the established brands like Rimmel, Maybelline, Barry M etc.
Zoella and Tanya Burr - Source 1. Source 2.
Also, for the amount of money these people have, I think they should really put more effort into their videos. I get they have to come up with ideas every week, film and edit and it probably is more effort than we realise but that isn't as hard as been a nurse, doctor, working every day of the week, all the other hard jobs out there which people do for a fraction of their wage. Aswell as having a decent amount of money for little work, they also go on amazing holidays, how nice would it be to just go on a break whenever you want yet it never seems like they appreciate it, like its just another holiday. It is so frustrating every week when they upload videos to see the same thing again and again. Monthly favourites, my current makeup routine, a beauty haul, the occasional whats on my iphone, who cares? and don't get me started on the Q&A's!! How many Q&As do they really need to do? Its at least one a month by the majority of them, to me that is no effort at all. All you do is tweet asking for some questions and that is it, where is the thought in that? It actually really angers me to think that they just do the same things over and again and their fans are all too young and naive to realise. There are also a few who come across as very sweet and innocent on camera but all you have to do is look their social media and you'll see that really some of them are quite bitchy and not very nice people. That applies to others who I haven't in this post too. 
Alfie Deyes and Fleur De Force - Source 1, Source 2.
This whole post probably doesn't make much sense but I am just so fed up of them all. I actually like quite a few youtubers vlogs, I think vlogs are always better than main channel videos but its hard to get past how little effort they put in and that they just don't seem to care. I'm aware this post could just make me look like im jealous of them but who wouldn't want their life? I just know if I was lucky enough to be in their position and could do Youtube for a living, I would be working so hard. They should trying living like normal people for a while, maybe then they'll appreciate their job and their fans.

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Kotryna Bass said...

Not sure what to feel sick for- you don't have to watch them if you don't like them! These guys worked their asses of for getting where they are now, of course their approach will change. They all are business people now and it's inspiring. There are plenty of smaller vloggers you can find if you don't enjoy commercial youtubers.

Tiffany Timms said...

If you don't agree thats fine, all I am saying is I don't like that the majority of their videos are all the same, it looks like very little effort is put into videos now which then comes across like they don't care, if they did it wouldn't be the same thing over and over again. I'm sure they have worked hard to get where they are now but now they are all known, they are forgetting where they started and its more about been famous for a lot of them. I watch a lot of smaller vloggers who come up with new ideas week after week and actually seem to enjoy it, it shows how people change the more exposure they get.

Laura said...

I agree with some of your points! I follow many of these youtubers but I just can't stand main channel videos any more, they just seem so fake (save few exceptions like Fleur or Niomi Smart who I really like). Vlogs are so much better, but sometimes I get so jealous too: just this morning I watched a Joe Sugg vlog, basically he Caspar and other guys were invited (for free) to Coachella and they were vlogging a tour of their huuuuuge mansion. I mean, I like watching vlogs because they're like "more real" reality tv, but sometimes I get really down, like, why am I in uni working my butt off while these people do nothing (except editing and coming up with ideas) all day and get paid huge sums of money for it? I'm sure though that if I was in their shoes I'd do everything they're doing now. :(

Laura x

Tiffany Timms said...

Me too, I love Fleur and Niomi, they both seem so down to earth! Apart from them, I don't like many main channel videos. I love watching vlogs but I get what you're saying, its hard not to be jealous of all the amazing things they get x

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