Monday, 27 April 2015

Paperchase Stationary Wishlist...

I am obsessed with getting the spare room sorted and making it a perfect little office. I have so many ideas and we have them all down on paper, making it into reality is proving quite difficult though. I blame pinterest for giving me unrealistic expectations! 

When you add everything up that we're wanting, it costs quite a lot, we need a desk, storage, shelves and then theirs all the little, cute stationary bits a blogger needs.. I am determined to get there though and make it like we've imagined. 

As I have been looking on sites like Paperchase a lot recently, I thought I would do a wishlist and hopefully soon buy a few of these things.
I really want to get a photo frame for my Charm and Gumption Print. George got it me for christmas but I haven't had chance to put it up yet, I think it would look really nice in something like this Silver Plated Frame. Another frame I really like is this White Lace Frame, I bought a few postcards from Paperchase last time I was there, that had quotes on and I really want to put one of those in something like this. Similar to our bedroom, I want to get for pastel shades and florals. I really like this Watercolour Desk Pad and this Boxed Memo Notes. Paperchase do so many pretty things like this, I could buy the whole shop. 

The last few things I saw on the site were these Scratch Maps. There is one for the UK and one for Europe. I'm not sure where we would put these but I think they are a great idea. These have a gold foil layer which you scratch off when you have visited somewhere. We have been more places in the UK than we have Europe, we're still yet to go on a proper holiday abroad but there are so many places we want to go and this is a great way of keeping track and looking back on all the places you've been. 

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