Friday, 1 May 2015

Food I have been loving this week #1

As my blog started out as a food blog, I thought I would go back to that and start doing more posts based around it. I have seen people doing weekly meal plans and grocery hauls but I thought I would do something a little different and just do a blog post every so often on certain foods/meals I have been loving. 

Salads - I'm one of those typical people who love the warm, hearty dinners during the winter, but during summer, I just want really fresh food that doesn't involve much fuss. This week I have been having salads most days either for my lunch or as a side with my tea. My salads normally just consist of a few handfuls of lettuce or mixed leaves, normally from Asda. This week we've had the Florette Sweet and Crunchy. I love this one as it has strands of carrots and red cabbage in it. I also normally have some cucumber chopped up and some cherry tomatoes. This week I got some on the vine cherry tomatoes and I don't know what it is, but they just taste so much better. Some days I have been adding some Flame Grilled Chicken Breast and other days I have had pasta or cous cous with it.
Strawberries - Strawberries are just my favourite fruit and I love it when summer starts because that's when they taste really good. I have been having these with some yoghurt and grapes. Some days I have added a Alpen Light broken up too.

Barney Bears - I know these are probably more for kids but when I saw they were on offer at Asda, I had to get them. They're just so nice and a great size. Barney Bears are basically just sponge, filled with a chocolate sauce. I know they do a few other flavours too, I really want to try the milk ones which are chocolate flavoured sponge with a creamy, milk centre.
Curly Fries - These aren't really slimming world friendly but we didn't have time to cook a proper meal from scratch one night so we just had freezer stuff. I love curly fries, they are my favourite but I am going to have to try and have them just on treat nights unfortunately.

Lemon and Limes - We got 1 lemon and 1 lime a few weeks ago and we just cut them up to have in drinks with some ice and it tastes so good! I know it's nothing special and loads of people do it but as we drink juice a lot, its nice to add to it, it just gives it a bit of a twist. I made sure I picked some up this week and I got a mixed pack from Asda for £1 which had two lemons and 2 limes. 

What food have you been loving this week?

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Unknown said...

CURLY FRIES! My Nan used to cook these for me. They're amazing.

Such a fun post. I've been loving Milky Wars - rediscovered them this week.

EL xx

Tiffany Timms said...

I love them! Curly Fries are my favourite haha xx

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