Monday, 10 August 2015

Weekend Summary #1 - Blogging and Tidying...

I wanted to bring in a new sort of series to my blog as I feel at the moment it's just the same sort of things all the time, a beauty review then a recipe with an occasional haul thrown in. So, I wanted to bring something new and that is where I decided on a weekend summary. This will be a new post each week with just a few pictures from our weekend with a little summary. I love seeing what other people have been upto at the weekend, and maybe people might like to find out what I get upto, though it isn't that interesting. I think it will be nice to look back on and see in a few months time what I was doing each weekend!

I probably didn't pick the best weekend to start this on as it's a bit of a quiet one. George was working so my weekend was all about food, magazines and blogging. Though this weekend did start out really well as we had some good news on Friday and wanted to celebrate, I'm not going to mention it for a few weeks yet as there are still a few things to sort and people to tell. I'm aware this could sound like i'm pregnant but i'm not. It's still a very exciting time and i'm very proud right now. Our way of celebrating involves new DVDs, Ben and Jerrys and doughnuts! And a sleepover in the living room! We're going out for a meal at some point in the next few weeks to celebrate which i'm really looking forward too but this weekend we just wanted to celebrate at home.
Saturday and Sunday were spent blogging, cooking and tidying. Throughout the week, as hard as we try, we never seem to be able to keep on top of everything so when it gets to Saturday, there's a pile of pots to do, we need to hoover every room and we have stupid amounts of washing to do. I really need to get into a proper routine with it because i'm annoying myself with it now. On Sunday, I cooked a roast chicken and then used half of it for a risotto and the other half will be used tonight to go with some stuffing, potatoes and veg. I love having relaxing weekends to cook and just do things for me. My job isn't the hardest at all but it's a big step from never having worked before to now working every week so I really do look forward to the weekend every time. I can't wait until next weekend when George will be in and we can spend some time together and hopefully at some point go out somewhere nice to celebrate the good news!

What have you been upto this weekend? 

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Carmen Varner said...

yum the half-baked ice cream sounds pretty fantastic right about now. :]

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