Monday, 27 June 2016

Planning, 5 Years and Slimming World...

The last few weekends have been quite quiet, we've been trying to sort the flat out which is just never ending and when we are out we tend to go to the cinema, there is just so much on at the moment and the next few months look good too so I imagine we'll be there quite a lot! Me Before You just broke my heart and I already can't wait to get it on DVD, I know it will be one of those films I put on when I need a good cry! We also went to see The Conjuring 2, just this weekend which was a lot scarier than I expected so I won't be in a hurry to watch that again any time soon. We've booked tickets to see Now You See Me 2 in VIP next week. With our 5 year anniversary on the Wednesday we thought it would be something nice to do and it looks so good, the comfy seats and buffet have sold it for me, hopefully it will be as good as it looks. We've both booked a few days off so I can't wait to do a few different things and we're also going to a fancy hotel which should be really nice. 

I can't believe how fast the 5 years have gone, they've just flown by! The last few weeks we've really started to do some proper research and planning for the wedding we want and hopefully in the next few months it will be booked and we can focus on the smaller details. As much I want to say all the things we're planning, I think we're going to keep it just between us two, it's like having our own little secret and then we'll tell people afterwards! It's exciting to know it's all finally taking place though. We also started planning our trip to London in November which I am SO excited for, I love London, I honestly think I could live there. Our tickets for Wicked arrived too which is exciting! I've wanted to see it for a while and we've managed to get really good seats aswell so I know that will be good, thats on our first night so we then have a few days to go to the christmas markets there, especially Winter Wonderland and this time we have to finally see Buckingham Palace!
Over the last week or so I've made a real effort to stick to Slimming World and I can already feel the difference, in my first week I lost 4lbs which I was so happy with and hopefully I can just keep losing more and more every week, I'm loving cooking new things and properly planning for the week, work is my downfall but I've managed to resist all the bad things and stick to fruit and my healthy extras! I had a few days off plan over the weekend as we had plans but i'm fully back on plan now until this weekend when we have the boys, then they'll be desserts, chocolate, crisps, everything! 
Overnight Oats, Breakfast Wrap with Slimming World Chips and Beans, Baked Oats with Fruit and Chicken and New Potato Salad.

Have you been to see Wicked in London? If so let me know what you thought of it!
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Previously Unread said...

Aw congratulations on your fith anniversary! Me and my OH will have been together for five years in a few weeks too :) Well done on sticking to slimming world, it can be so hard to get your mojo back if you lose it!xo

Tiffany Timms said...

Aww thank you, congratulations to you too! :) Thank you, its so hard sometimes but I think I've managed to get back on track with it now so hopefully I can stick with it! xx

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