Friday, 30 December 2016

Christmas 2016...

I can't believe I'm writing this already and Christmas is over! I hadn't felt that festive in the lead up to it and it wasn't really until Christmas Eve that I started to feel really excited so I think that made it go even quicker. Now all of a sudden it's nearly new year!
I really hope you all had a brilliant Christmas. I hope you ate loads of food and got everything that you wanted. And if you were someone that struggled at Christmas, just know that there are so many other people that feel exactly the same at this time of year, I definitely didn't feel 100% my best but hopefully next year things will be better and start to look up!

So I know a lot of people don't like posts like this and think people showing their presents is bragging but I really love reading them and I really wanted to do one of my own like I usually do, so I am! I wanted to talk about our Christmas as it was our 6th together and our third in our own home and it was such a lovely, chilled day. We started off Chrismas morning by opening our stocking presents in the bedroom before opening the rest with some bucks fizz in the living room. I managed to hurt myself first thing that morning by walking into the bedroom door and really hurting my arm so that was just brilliant. So painful and much worse than it sounds, of course it could only happen to me. Anyway, here are a few of the presents George got me!
  • I was SO happy to get the Wicked Soundtrack. It was in my Christmas Wishlist and something that I really wanted as I know I'll keep it forever and it's something I'll probably always go back and listen to. 
  • We try to get each other Perfume & Aftershave every Christmas but sometimes it can be so expensive so I mentioned quite an old one a while back as I knew it was a bit cheaper and it's one of my favourites, one by Christina Aguilera. I remember having this years ago and it smells gorgeous so I'm so glad I have this again.
  • We always get each other a few different bits of food for Christmas, and basically all we put in stockings is food too so we end up with loads! I think most people love the fruit cremes from Quality Street and now you can get boxes just of those so they are absolutely perfect for people like me who are only really bothered about those ones. He also managed to find some of the Cadbury Crunchie Spread that I have been seeing all over my Slimming World Instagram for so long! I've been eating this just from the jar because it is incredible. He also got me pop tarts because you know who doesn't love pop tarts? We always get each other some so I got him some smores ones and hot fudge sundae ones. 
  • I also mentioned in my wishlist that I would love another one of the Bath & Body Works dupes candles as they've been so popular and I'm so impressed with the one I currently have. This one smells amazing and I can't wait to use it.
  • One thing I did know I was getting was a diary and I just love this one. I love any sort of diary or notebook with some sort of saying or quote on the front and this one just about sums up what I need to do in the next year. I've already started making a note on each day a blog post needs to go up and I think it's going to really help me with my blogging next year! 
  • Something I wasn't expecting at all was this lovely Mug and Coaster set. I have so many mugs already but we both love to buy more and this one is so perfect for me. Very motivating which is exactly what I need! 
  • One of the last few bits I got was a Lush bath bomb, Golden Wonder is just one of the best Christmas ones so this is one I'm going to save til last! There were a few other bits too not pictured that I got, and I just feel so lucky. He knows me so well and everything I got was just perfect. I think we both did really well for the spending limit we set and everything we got was really special. 
After presents I got on with the main focus of the day, Christmas Dinner! I don't want to big myself up or anything but I was so proud and so pleased with the end result. I think it's the best one I've made and we were both so full afterwards! It was pretty soon after that we put Frozen on as it was on TV and ended up falling asleep for about two hours! It was such a chilled day and everything that we wanted. We napped, we ate and we just had loads of fun. We were full for ages after dinner but that night we had leftovers and opened all the snacks that I had been stocking up on for literally months. I went all out this year and started buying all the chocolate and snacks in September and I made sure we had plenty in to cover us for days!
I'm sure I'll have said this last year and the year before that too before but it really was a perfect day. I know a lot of people like to be surrounded by family on Christmas day and maybe one day we will do that together but for now we love it too much it being just us two. We finished the day watching Love Actually which is just a perfect Christmas Day film and it made me feel all happy and warm inside. It was just a very special Christmas. 

I really hope you're Christmas was everything that you wanted it to be and yours was also really special. If any of you have written about your day then leave me a link too it as I would love to read about it!

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Joce said...

Your diary is adorable!!! and i love the Wicked soundtrack. Sounds like you had an awesome Christmas!!!!!

Amy said...

You're Christmas day sounds amazing, I'm glad you had such a lovely day! That candle looks so good, I'd definitely love one of those! X

Serena Ramblingsofanotherunigraduate said...

Lovely gifts! I love the Wicked soundtrack and I need to try crunchie spread!

Unknown said...

Looks like you got some great gifts; I've been wanting to try the crunchie spread for some time now!

Unknown said...

I never knew that Quality Street did boxes of just fruit cremes! Totally going to the shops tomorrow, hope they are in the sale!


Cydney said...

I got a golden wonder too and a saving it for either tomorrow or New Year's Day! Love how sparkly it leaves my skin x

Tiffany Timms said...

I love the diary and the cd so much! We had a really lovely christmas :) x

Tiffany Timms said...

Aww thank you, it was so lovely :) The candle smells gorgeous x

Tiffany Timms said...

The soundtrack is amazing, always got the songs in my head! and you have to try the crunchie spread, omg it is incredible x

Tiffany Timms said...

It's amazing, you have to try it! x

Tiffany Timms said...

Yeah and I'm sure they do a box of just the toffees too! but the creams are the best haha, hope you find some! x

Tiffany Timms said...

I used it last night and I just love it so much, so glittery! x

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