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Etsy Christmas Gift Guide - For Her...

My second Christmas Gift Guide is all about Etsy! I have ordered a few bits from Etsy in the past and I've always been so happy with the quality and pricing. I love that you can find so many unique gifts by so many small businesses and you can find some really great things that you wouldn't find anywhere else. I decided quite last minute to do an Etsy Gift Guide after ordering one of George's presents, I found so many lovely gifts that I just had to share and hopefully you might find a little inspiration if you're struggling to come up with ideas this year!
Wax Melts Source, Hot Chocolate Source, Pencils Source, Lip Balm Source.
The first thing I saw were these Christmas Wax Melts, how cute are they?! You get three mini wax melts packaged in a little gift bag and there are 10 scents to choose from. Personally I think the Christmas Cookies, Ginger Biscuit or Peppermint Candy Cane would all smell amazing and all so christmassy! These are so cheap at only a couple of pound for each bag and I think these are just a perfect little present. Next I saw the Hot Chocolate Sachets which are £2.90 each, to be honest these would be quite easy to recreate but if you don't have the time and just want some cute, little gifts that are great for all the family then these are great for that. Everyone loves hot chocolate when it's cold and these sachets have everything you need included, all you need to add is milk. If you know someone who is into blogging or writing then I think these Girl Boss Pencils are great! I love any sort of stationary and for those who do just little things like this are a really nice little gift. They are £1 each and they also sell Girl Boss pens for £2.50. Something that I would love for myself is the Prosecco Lip Balm. This is just £3.45 which I actually think is a really great price as I recently saw a Prosecco Lip Balm that was £6.50 which I thought was way too much for what it was. 
Prosecco Mug Source, Boss Mug Source, Peter Pan Print Source, Quote Print Source.

Sticking with the Prosecco theme I found this amazing Prosecco Princess Mug for £7.95. If you know someone who loves a glass of the good stuff then this is a great gift. The same company also do this I'm Not Bossy I'm The Boss Mug. I don't know why but I just really loved this and I think it would be a very funny gift for someone. The last two things I went for were prints. I am obsessed with buying prints for the flat and I think something like this is just a really, lovely present. It's something a bit different and you can buy personalised ones too which to me show there's been some real thought behind it. I loved the Peter Pan print for £14.99 and the She Believed She Could So She Did print which varies in price depending on size.

I love Etsy for unique gifts for christmas and birthdays. It's nice to support smaller businesses and find something really different that you know someone will love at the same time.

I hope this gift guide has given you some last minute inspiration for christmas! If you haven't already seen, my first gift guide is also up now here if you want a read and would like a few more ideas! 
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