Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Food I Have Been Loving This Week #9

So much food that I wanted to include this time but I've managed to cut it down to 6 of my favourites from the past few weeks!
Quorn Sausage Patties - Who would have thought that I would actually like meat free food? I love chicken, mince, bacon, burgers etc. but over the last year I've really got into some Quorn products and these Sausage Patties are becoming a bit of a staple in our freezer. They are £1.90 for a pack of 4 and honestly they don't even taste that different to normal sausages, but they're healthy and vegetarian so great if you're wanting to cut down on meat or just change up what your eating. I love to have these for breakfast as they're so quick to cook in a pan, and we've also had them for tea before with things like bacon, toast, beans and waffles (because we're absolute children). 

Aldi Orange Sticks - We stocked up on these at Christmas as we had never seen them before in Aldi and they were just so christmassy and tasted so nice. They were only about £1 usually but then they reduced them to like 79p a few weeks before Christmas so we had a few packs of these and the mint ones for over December and we actually still have some left! They're exactly like Matchmakers so if you've tried those before then you'd like these too. I'm really hoping they'll be back for next Christmas!

Spicentice Chips & Wedges Seasoning - Last year I did a blog post for Spicentice and reviewed a few of their products, recently they released a few new spices including a chips & wedges seasoning which I had to order. I ordered two of these along with some of the burger rub which I reviewed and it has made such a difference to normal slimming world chips. I get really bored of homemade chips but this little pack of seasoning has really spiced them up, literally, and at the time of writing this, I have just ordered 4 more packs of the stuff! It's £1.50 for a pack and I get at least two lots of chips out of one so it lasts over a good few meals.

Heck Sausages - These are just delicious. Heck do a range of sausages and burgers but my favourite of theirs are the Smoky Paprika ones and the Chicken Italia ones. Both just taste so good and as their chicken sausages rather than pork they're just a bit different and as I follow Slimming World, these are really great on the plan and much healthier than some others. I've been making quite a few meals with them as they were on offer in Asda . I made a casserole with the smoky paprika ones a few weeks ago and I've also made a pasta bake with the chicken italia ones a few times. They're quite pricey usually so I always try to stock up on a few different flavours whenever they're on offer. 

Mint Oreos - I had seen these in shops a few times, these and the Strawberry Cheesecake ones but if I'm gonna go for Oreos I usually just get the normal ones so I didn't try these until a few weeks ago. Now I'm a little bit obsessed. I love anything mint flavoured, seriously it's my fave so I really don't know why I was so unsure of these! They don't have an overpowering flavour of mint but it's enough and they are so moreish. I can't stop at just one. 

Slow Cooker Nandos Chicken - We got a slow cooker for Christmas and it has changed my cooking life, so much so I'm going to do a post with all my favourite meals I've been making with it. One I had to mention now though is something I have been making loads, slow cooker nandos chicken. It's just so easy and it always tastes amazing. I use 2 chicken breasts and a pouch of nandos sauce, that are about £1, leave it on high for 4 hours and then after that I shred it. We have been absolutely loving this with rice, halloumi and pitta. 

Writing this post has made me so hungry! So much yummy food included this time, all of it I want to eat again right now, especially the mint oreos. Have you tried any of these?

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