Monday, 23 January 2017

We're Going To London Again!

If you regularly read my posts it probably seems like I don't even go a few weeks without talking about London and to be honest since November I haven't really. I've mentioned it quite a few times and I didn't think I'd be talking about it again already and that we'd be going again already but we've been really lucky and have managed to book a short trip there for this weekend!
It's not something we would have just been able to afford to book as quickly as we did usually and whenever we've been before we've had to do quite a bit of saving for it. The reason we're going is because we've had a bit of money come in and I don't really want to go into detail about it as it's not exactly come from a good situation but I knew I wanted to do something special with it and for me, London has become like a second home in a way and I could go every month and still get excited. We're only going for one night and it's sort of a joint birthday trip for us too. We're going the day after Georges birthday and as he's booked a few days off around it we get a nice, long weekend together which I can't wait for. 

We're going on the 28th and we haven't planned too much for the day as we're actually going to see Wicked again that night so the day will just be quite chilled. As we've been a few times now we've kind of done a lot of the bigger things and there's nothing major we want to do again this time, it's only been a few months since our last trip. We're just going to spend some time exploring around Piccadilly and Leicester Square I think as we don't usually spend too much time around that area.

As I just mentioned it I should probably talk about the fact we're going to see Wicked again already! If you read my Wicked Review you'll know that we just absolutely loved it and honestly as soon as we left we knew we wanted to see it again one day. Rachel Tucker was just absolutely insane and I mentioned in my review that I would love to see her again in that role before she leaves. Her last show is on the 28th January and that's the one we have managed to get tickets for and I am so happy about it. It's cost a bomb to be honest but it's for our birthdays, it's her last show, it's in our favourite place and so I think it's worth it. We wanted to do something special and this is what we've decided on and I honestly can't wait. When I wrote my review I honestly never thought we would actually be able to go again any time soon and I thought if we ever got to see Wicked again it would be in a few years, definitely not before Rachel leaves so I'm just feeling very lucky at the moment. 

Expect to see a post about it all next week!

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