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Weekend Summary #25 - Tapas Night & Easter

It's been a while since I last did a weekend post and even though this weekend was a quiet one, I still thought it was a nice one to write about. With it being Easter we had planned to have a chilled weekend in, eating loads of food and just spending some quality time together. The last few weeks I've really not been well and I've spent most days in bed, being ill makes my anxiety a million times worse aswell so its generally just been crap. I've had so much to deal with but this weekend was the first one in a while where I've actually felt normal and a bit like my old self. 

We started off the Easter weekend with a tapas night which was so nice. I thought about it a few weeks ago but until this weekend I've not wanted to cook or even had the energy to so once I started to feel better, I knew I had to make this. It was basically a selection of different foods and even though its probably not the best tapas meal you've ever seen, for a homemade one from scratch I thought it was pretty good! I made Spanish Meatballs, Patatas Bravas, Paella and Warm Crusty Bread with butter.

In case you're wanting to recreate it the spanish meatballs were made with 250g of mince, 1 tsp of chipotle chilli flakes, 1 tsp of chilli powder, 1 tsp of garlic powder, 1 tsp of cumin powder, italian herbs and salt and pepper. Just mix all the ingredients together and form into meatballs, bake in a 200 degree oven for around 40 minutes. For the Patatas Bravas, I basically made roast potatoes - just peeled and chopped 2 baking potatoes, boiled them for 10 minutes then cooked in the oven for around an hour. I then put these and the meatballs on a plate for us to pick from and the sauce I put in a bowl so we could get however much we wanted. The sauce was made with 1 tin of chopped tomatoes and a little bit of chilli powder, chipotle chilli flakes, salt and pepper. I let this simmer for about half an hour so it became quite thick sauce. Then there was the paella which I actually have a full recipe for so I'll leave a link to that here if you want to know how to make that. I made way too much this time! and then I just did some part baked crusty rolls in the oven for 10 minutes.
I was so happy with how the meatballs turned out, I don't normally like making my own but these were full of flavour and I'll definitely be making them again. The warm crusty bread was amazing with it all - BREAD IS MY FAVE.

We didn't do much for the rest of the night or sunday, we just wanted to spend our time relaxing watching tv so thats what we did. We're so obsessed with Bates Motel at the moment so on Sunday we finally finished Series 3. I've liked every series of it but I think Series 3 is where it started to get really good and it has all just become so much more intense and weird. I think it's such a brilliant show, series 4 is now on Netflix so we have to start that soon. Aswell as watching a load of TV and films this weekend, I did manage to get some blogging done which was so needed. Even though I've been posting the last few weeks while I've not been feeling myself, I've not really had the motivation to write and I always like to have quite a few posts written so I do feel like I've fallen a bit behind. Friday night I managed to get 5 written which I was so pleased with, I'm hoping I can carry on now and get back into it properly.

Obviously the main thing this weekend was all the chocolate! I've been having creme eggs, mini eggs etc for weeks already but its not the same until the actual day. My main Easter Egg this year was Golden Eggs which I love, Georges was a snickers one and I also got us lots of little bits like malteaser bunnies and creme egg twisters which I am obsessed with! I wanted to include a picture of one of my other Easter Eggs this year, the best one ever - Trolls! I actually got this ages ago, as soon as it was in the shops, I wanted it for the mug really but I still wanted to include it in this post. I just love Easter, I always feel sad when its over and all the chocolate starts to go from the shops!
I did us a slow cooker chicken casserole for tea on Sunday which was the best and the perfect end to the weekend! I am seriously a bit obsessed with it. It's so easy to make in the slow cooker and with dumplings and mash, it's just incredible. I thought it was an easy thing to make to try and get me back into cooking again and it was so nice.

I don't really think there's much else to say about this weekend, it was just a really quiet one but that was nice and very much needed. Sometimes you need a weekend to just recharge and not do much. I'm hoping things are on the up now and hopefully will just keep on getting better! Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend, let me know what you got up to in the comments and also what easter eggs you got! As I predicted mines almost all gone now!

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