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April Favourites - New Prints, Bad Moms & Santa Clarita Diet

There was so much I wanted to include in my April favourites! A few home bits, makeup, and films but I've managed to cut it down to a few of each otherwise this would be the longest post! I hope you've all had a lovely April, I know I say this a lot but I really can't believe how fast this year is going, as if it is already May!
Coconut Lane Prints - I'm sure you know by now that I am obsessed with prints! One of the walls in our bedroom has loads on and I just love it but I am always wanting to add more. George bought this for me last month and I think it's so perfect, it basically sums me up, it has all my favourite things! It's gone so well with the rest of our prints.
Fifty Shades Freed Book - After seeing Fifty Shades Darker in February I got a bit obsessed with it again and decided I had to start reading the books again. I know some people really don't like the books or the films but I really enjoy them and I find the books such an easy read. I decided to re-read the third book after seeing a teaser of the third film in the credits of Darker and I'm really loving it. As I've read it before I'm not really in a rush to read it, just a few chapters at a time when I need to switch off a little bit.
Real Techniques Contour Brush - I've been using Real Techniques brushes for a while but recently I've re-discovered my contour brush and I really, really love it. For a long time I've been using the Kabuki brush to sort of contour and blend but when I started using my new Barry M Contour Kit I thought I'd go back to the original contour brush. I'm always impressed with Real Techniques brushes, they are so soft and I love how they apply everything. Also, is it just me who really loves cleaning them? I don't do it as often as I should but I love sitting down and washing all my brushes!
Bad Moms - We've had this DVD for a while now and watched it again recently, it's just one of the best films! I find it so hilarious, and when we saw it in the cinema, I really couldn't find one bad word to say about it, and that doesn't happen often. For me it's not often you find a proper 5 out of 5 film but this is one of them. Kathryn Hahn is ridiculously funny in it and I love Mila Kunis in this.
New Candles - I mentioned both of these in my Spring Candle Haul, and they just smell incredible! I found them in an independant shop in Meadowhall so I'm not sure where else they can be bought but I'm definitely going to go back and get more soon. I've had a baked apple one from that range which I was going to get again when I saw these, I ended up with a grapefruit one though and a citrus crush one. The grapefruit one is basically the body shops grapefruit range in candle form, amazing! and the citrus crush is just a perfect one for summer, as I said in my haul it reminds me of those mango and passionfruit drinks you can get from Costa. These both were so nice even when burning and the living room just smelled lovely.
San Pellegrino Orange & Pomegranate - I first tried this during our trip to London in January and right then I thought it would be the perfect substitution to my beloved Red Pop which I can only occasionally get online as it's american. As soon as I tried this, I knew it was something I was going to have to start buying. If you've ever tried the american sweets, Nerds, you can get them everywhere now, it tastes just like them! So sweet, not really very orange flavoured as it says, basically just like nerds but so good! I got a six pack of them recently as a treat in our food shop, this definitely won't be a regular thing because I think like £3.75 for that many is a bit expensive and they're probably not that good for me!
Santa Clarita Diet - We started watching this last month and got through it all in a few days, it was so good! It's really weird and very out there to a lot of other programs on Netflix but that's kind of why I like it. It's about Sheila, played by Drew Barrymore who basically one day gets ill, dies and then comes back to life but no one knows how and it all happens very quickly. She's 'undead' and gets cravings for raw meat, and eventually humans so you can sort of guess how it starts to play out. I found it all really funny and really enjoyable, I'm already looking forward to season 2! Have you seen it? What did you think?

Ed Sheeran - So this came out a few months ago now (I think) but I've not had chance to mention it until now. I do like Ed Sheeran but I've never really got the hype and fallen in love with his music like a lot of people do, until his latest album Divide. I listened to it the first day it came out and honestly every song is amazing, and that really doesn't happen a lot. Usually on each album they'll be a few songs that I skip but with this one, I really like all of them. I do try to avoid Supermarket Flowers every so often as it's the most emotional song! I think I full on cried for an hour when I first heard it. I think my favourite is Galway Girl. What do you think to this album? Which song is your favourite?
So that's just about everything covered I think, I wish I had another can of the San Pelligrino as just looking at that picture is making me want more!

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