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50 Questions You've Never Been Asked Tag

Earlier on this week I was tagged by the lovely Zoe to do the 50 Questions You've Never Been Asked Tag. I'm not sure if this is a new tag or not but I've only just started seeing it and it's one I've never been asked to do before so I'm excited about it. I personally love reading peoples answers to questions like this so I hope you like mine!
1. What's your favourite candle scent?
There are so many that I love, this is so difficult. I love the Yankee Candle Summer Peach one but at the minute I'm obsessed with the Marks and Spencers Sweet Apple one. I don't think I can pick between the two.

2. What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?
I really struggled with this but I'm thinking Louise Pentland (Sprinkle Of Glitter) she's down to earth, loves supermarkets and I just think she seems like a lovely person.

3. What male celebrity do you wish was your brother?

Ant and Dec because I just love them (Ant especially, he seems like the nicest man) or Jamie Oliver because he can cook.

4. How old do you think you'll be when you get married?
22 or 23 hopefully.

5. Do you know a hoarder?
I don't think so, though I could probably be called one. I have a lot of stuff.

6. Can you do the splits?
No and I don't think I've ever been able to!

7. How old were you when you first learned to ride a bike?
I can remember actually learning to ride a bike but I have no idea how old I was, I can't even guess.

8. How many oceans have you swam in?
I have no idea, maybe 1 or 2? 

9. How many countries have you visited?
I'm thinking maybe 6 or 7 as I did go abroad quite a few times when I was younger.

10. Is anyone in your family in the army?
Not anymore but my dad was when I was a baby.

11. What would you name your daughter if you had one?
I really worry if I say people I know will use them before me but one of my favourites at the moment is Honey.

12. What would you name your son if you had one?
I genuinely want like 4 or 5 kids so I've got loads of names for both boys and girls but my favourite boys names are Harry and Oliver.

13. What's the worst grade you've got in a test?
I think probably a D, and that was probably in Maths or Science because I seriously struggled with those. 

14. What was your favourite TV show as a kid?
There were so many! When I was like 10 or around that age I used to love Drake and Josh, and shows like that on Nickelodeon and Disney channel.

15. What did you dress up as for Halloween when you were 8?
I didn't do much for halloween when I was younger but it would have probably been a witch or something like that.

16. Have you read any of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight series?
I've read the twilight series, I was obsessed with the books and films when I was about 14. As much as I love Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, I don't think I'd enjoy the books.

17. Would you rather have an American accent or a British one?
I think british.

18. Did your mother go to university?
I don't think so? Is it bad that I don't know.

19. Are your grandparents still married?

20. Have you ever taken karate lessons?

21. Do you know who Kermit the frog is?

22. What was the first amusement park you went to/
There was one called American Adventure I think that I went to when I was younger, that was probably the first one as I don't think I went to Alton Towers til I was much older.

23. What language beside your native language would you like to be fluent in?

24. Do you spell the colour Grey or Gray?

25. Is your father bald?

26. Do you know any triplets?

27. Do you prefer Titanic or The Notebook?
The Notebook. I've never really got the Titanic hype to be honest.

28. Have you ever had Indian food?
Yes and it's one of my favourites!

29. What's the name of your favourite restaurant?
Frankie and Bennys is one I always go back to so probably that.

30. Have you ever been to Nandos?
Yes but not for a long time.

31. Do you belong to any warehouse stores? (Costco, Bookers ect)

32. What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender?
I don't know, I'm sure they had a few options for girls names but I can't remember if I was ever told what I'd be called if I'd been a boy.

33. If you have a nickname what is it?

34. Who's your favourite person in the world?
George but I doubt that comes as a surprise to anyone.

35. Would you rather live in the countryside or the city?
The city, but just on the outside if possible, so its easier to get into the city when I want too but not have to deal with it being super busy and loud near my home.

36. Can you whistle?
No I've never been able to.

37. Do you sleep with a nightlight?

38. Do you eat breakfast every morning?
I try to but more often than not, no.

There is no 39th question.

40. What medical conditions do you have?

41. Have many times have you been to hospital?
Not many I don't think.

42. Have you ever seen Finding Nemo?

43. Where do you buy your jeans?
New Look or Asos

44. What's the last compliment you got?
I honestly don't know, probably something from George.

45. Do you usually remember your dreams in the morning?

46. What flavour tea do you enjoy?
I love normal tea with a bit of sugar and milk, but I'm really into green tea and fruity ones now aswell.

47. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?
I'm gonna say around 7 different pairs but I tend to wear the same few all the time

48. What religion will you raise your children to practice?
I'm not really religious so they will be free to make up their own mind

49. How old were you when you found out Santa wasn't real?
I'm not sure but I remember guessing quite early on he wasn't real

50. Why do you have a blog?
Because a few years ago I had no idea what to do with my time while I was looking for work and it just seemed like a fun thing to do for a while. I honestly didn't expect over 3 years on to still be writing and still be loving it. I'm so happy I started it.

So that's all the questions and I really enjoyed answering them all! It's not often I do tags but I love reading them so I think I might have to try and do more in the future. I have no idea how many people I'm supposed to tag for this so I'm just gonna say whoever hasn't done this tag and wants too, feel free to copy and paste the questions! Also let me know if you do it too so I can read your answers!

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